The Basic Steps !

Hello To All My Dear Readers 🙂

First of all I want you to know that what I am writing on mental health is mainly the knowledge and experiences I have gained through the counselling I have had over the past years. As well as now that I am studying for a Diploma in Psychology, obviously all that knowledge from that and the references I do also come in to what I write. This article is mainly on how you go about, choosing the right doctor, therapist or counselor, when you have to go for medical help 🙂
As we all know, we each one of us have different personalities, and so does the medical personnel. More than the other fields when it is a issue with the mind, it is very important to find the correct doctor with whom you can be comfortable and tell your story. As you need to feel you are trusted and respected, or the moment you feel uncomfortable even with one word, your mood can go off and it becomes a problem rather than a help. I know as it has happened to me. There has been times that I have gone quite happy and confident and coming back with a very dimmed spirit and annoyed and hurt having the feeling that I was not understood or trusted. But know that its Very Important to go for help anytime you are over stressed or imbalanced, and regularly, until the doctors or the therapist decide to stop seeing you. Counselling is very very important and helpful 🙂


Then comes the other Most Important part that, “You need to take your medication regularly and continue as long as you have to or for ever” Please make a note that this is very important as I have stopped thinking I am well and have got relapses when I did so. This is something I clarified the last time I saw my doctor, as he said when one goes through severe stress and trauma there’s a imbalance of chemicals in the body. And the medications are given to balance them out. Why I am saying this ? As only when it was explained like that only I realized that, I really needed to take what ever I was supposed to take, in order to be well. Then the question comes up, what is being well is !!!
Coming out of depression or controlling mood disorder means that you are well, but usually what it means is, they have gone into remission or you can call it hibernation. Its like a seed in the ground waiting for the rains or the right conditions to lift its head up again. This does happen with cancer too and some other illnesses. But then write now  I am only writing what I have gone through 🙂
So medication is necessary to keep it under control or for prevention. But medication alone cannot do everything. A big part of it is in your hands. How ? That part is going to come in the next letters. I do hope you learn something new that will help you, in some way towards your journey in becoming well 🙂

girl overcoming depression

Thank you for reading. Please do share or pass it on for others who can make use of this 🙂

Many Blessings of Love Light and Healing Energies from me ❤

Deepa Nilamani 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Basic Steps !

  1. People should not be ashamed of engaging in professional counselling. Most often people outside of our internal world see things quite differently and are able to make sensible suggestions. I do work 12 Step program for alcoholism and have returned to church and those things have been revitalizing, comforting and planted a sense of hope

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