The Purpose of Our Life !

Hello To All My Dear Readers 🙂

In this article I am writing to say that, we are all born unique to each other for a very specific purpose in life, which only that person can fulfill. And each of us go through life according to this purpose we are born for, only some do not recognize or acknowledge this. There is no one person in this world who do not face, difficulties in life at some time of their lives. Be it physical, mental or financial. But most often they all go together, if you go down in one the other two also follows. Then why is that some are happy with all that and some who keep on complaining of all the things that are happening and being unhappy !!!


The fact is Happiness is a choice. We need to have a sense of purpose to lead a good life. Those who take their experiences in a positive way, learn from them to make their life better. They acknowledge their mission in life. This takes awhile, as none of us are born perfect and knowing exactly what to do. We all learn from trial and error. There is no one who has not made a mistake in their life. A mistake is a mistake only if what you chose to do, goes wrong. If not its a wise choice. But then how do we know its going to be a mistake or not unless we try. And will anyone of us take the wrong decision if we know its wrong ? No. But anytime something goes wrong and we go on doing the same thing, then only then, it will be a very big mistake which one will have to face lot of unhappiness because of that. So the important thing is we all need to lean from our mistakes, and learn to improve and go about in life more wisely 🙂

Although unseen, unknown, many of us take certain decisions in life, which are unknown to us then, but looking back you see a pattern that has happened along. As far as I can remember,  did I ever think that I would have gone through all this, Good and bad. There is no good or bad only anywhere for anyone. This is the norm of life, and all these people who are unhappy are those who do not and cannot accept this. They think all the bad things happen to them and keep on complaining and making things from bad to worse. We as human being are the most advanced creatures in this universe (known so far). What we can achieve no other living being cannot do. So then we do need to know our purpose of our lives and make use of our talents and gifts for the good of ourselves and for the welfare of all the others around us and in the world ❤

A 72

Being mentally down, does not mean its continuous day in and day out. In my case I read endless books, reading being my favorite hobby and growing up surrounded by books and reading material of all sorts. I was determined to become well. And three years ago, I started a F/B page posting all Happiness Quotes. By trying to make others happy, without my knowledge I too grew happier with it. One year ago after I was discharged from counselling I started a group to discuss matters more privately. It it grew daily and from there I have moved on to making this blog. When you help others, in turn automatically you help yourself too 🙂


When you begin to do things, service, say and write in public, you have to face many comments positive and negative. All along I have got and getting immense help from my friends in and out of F/B and where I work. One day I was given this quote by a friend, which has a lot of meaning in regard to this. This is the quote:
“Until the whole world is free to agree with you or disagree with you, until you have given the freedom to everyone to like you or not like you, to love you or hate you, to see things as you see them, or to see things differently – until you have given the whole world its freedom – you’ll never have your freedom.”
~ Adyashanti


Having let go, of many things and dedicating myself for service, I have freed myself to a substantial degree, and I have found peace. Peace is something that has no price and only achievable of letting go of material things and your ego as much as possible. Hope each and everyone of you find your own purpose too. If not, Look within 🙂


Please do share or pass on to others who can make use of what I have written. Thank you for reading 🙂

Many Blessings of Love, Light and Healing Energies ❤

Deepa Nilamani ❤


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