You need to know your Own Path !

Hello All My Readers 🙂

I am keeping well, but had to deal with some issues, as anxiety lifted its head up again. The fact is I had to prove that I am under medication, but well enough to go about in my life normally, which got me rather annoyed. Looking back all that became experience that I can write here, as I managed with my GP and this is what was written, “I am well enough, and know my limitations in work, study and leading a normal life. But if I am stressed unnecessarily, I can be pushed into a relapse” So here I am back again 🙂
Next is to deal with, all the feed back I got from those who read my articles. Thank you for all the appreciations. Privately, from Face book friends, pages and the group. There was some feed back from my Happiness page that, they found it, “Incomplete” ? I wish that was more clear as I have no idea what that means !!!
I will explain again, as why the name itself is, “I am My Path” It is my experience and my knowledge. I suddenly get a thought or remember some one’s question and my mind begins to work on that line. Its like a story, but its based on real life experiences. Inside, my mind works for days, even without my knowledge. It gathers all the past, present, experiences and knowledge and ends up like a cake, ready to eat. At this time I get this need to write as I feel my head is full up and I need to put it out. I personalize it, in my own way with a quote and colours, like decorating the cake with icing. I cannot tell nor do I want to write about other’s experiences as they are not mine. There are enough material in and out of I net if anyone want information. This is my knowledge. They are not what I went through and they don’t work inside, “my head” I do look up a word to make sure if the meaning is correct, but if by chance I try to refer a book, my thought pattern gets disturbed totally and I cannot go on. My writing has to flow freely. It has to come out on its own like water from a spring flowing out naturally !!!
Then again, I am just a beginner on the blog, and just as my writing is improving so will the blog. For everything there is a way of doing. The growth has to be steady. I have come a long way from 2012 when I started a page in Face Book. I did not know how to share a post even. Now I know how to resize, write on the pictures and many other things. From pages to the group and from the group to the blog. I may be writing the same thing sometimes but then again I don’t go back and read even my articles all the time. As I am writing I am moving on. Also its not all who will read all the articles. And I am aware, that those who get stressed, don’t want to or cannot read at length. I know this as this is how it is for me, and so I try to keep to simple language and as well as not too long ~ hopefully 🙂
Each one of you need to know, what works for You. If I say go and dig in the garden, some of you may have back problems or even allergy to plants or not like gardening. This is a very big question/complain that I come across in my page and group, saying, the last thing a depressed person to be told is to get out of it or do a hobby !!!
*********** Don’t tell a depressed person to go and do a hobby ***********
Many do not understand this, and even I have been told many things, by many people. (the fact is there is a Great Big Difference in being sad and depressed, only a person who knows what depression is can really understand) Which at those times seems like climbing Mt Everest. It is Not doing a just a hobby you need to rephrase it 🙂

It is to, *********Do Something that You really like to do**********

Yes it is very good to be out in the fresh air and get sunlight on to you as well as physically be active to get those happy hormones working. But how you start is, “even with a very small thing, “YOU really Like and Enjoy doing” To start with even to, look at the sky, birds and the patterns of the clouds and how they slowly moving on. Or the night sky full of stars and the moon coming up” the awe of nature. Music, dancing, reading, meditating, shopping, even window shopping is a very good way of de stressing, but not over spend !!! Doing something that, “You really Like, Releases you from the thoughts that is dragging you down” Its like freeing yourself from a cage !!!
Its like a wheel, without your knowledge, “It slowly start to turn the right way” Illness of the mind and the body is, “when both the body and the mind start to work against you. This is when things go wrong and keeps on going wrong, and then whole of inside/system gives up” What you need to do is, “with all your might do anything, (as long as it doesn’t hurt others) what ever is correct for you which will make you feel good and happy and above all free. This is something that many don’t understand. That once someone comes out, to give the freedom to walk on their own. Just like when someone mends their broken leg and start to walk alone. There is a fine line in trying to protect and giving the freedom, which is a very difficult thing to know, but the most important, if the person has to get back into normal life again. Or else they will fall back again and again !!!
Why I am saying all these is, the medical personnel who deal with us, “has very little time with us” Only when we go to see them which can be once a month. And they simply cannot tell everything. They don’t live with us, nor can they keep or know all our problems as they too are human beings !!!
They will tell you to relax, do things you like, enjoy and give you tips and information. Some do not understand or misunderstand about this matter of a hobby. Why I am harping on this, “Its a big complain in my group and on many quotes” !!!I know there are many from the medical field and students, who read this, so that they will know how to make it clear anytime this comes up. As I too was told, that the doctors and the medicine alone cannot help. There is a very big part in our/your own hands. Which is the truth. And I am proof 😀

Saying short I have gone over 1000 words. Thanking you all for reading !

Many Blessings of Love and Light ❤

Deepa Nilamani ❤


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