The First Necessities of Progress !

Hello All My Readers,

I have not written for sometime as I have been going through some issues and needed a break to sort out everything and put my life into order again. I find that after a complete break from my usual pattern, I always change and want to move on to another direction. I do get these from time to time and so do you all. That is how life is. Sometimes in little ways some times they are major changes, like changing jobs and even moving on to another country 🙂
Gradually as I started to become well, my mind was working on wellness. This is normal as in order to become well, I needed to do many things that was related to health and healing. I was studying and reading many articles, in finding out as much as I can what works and what does not. All these things that helped were dominating the other thoughts I had before and slowly my mind was moving on to another track. This is why I started studying psychology, as I knew then that this is “My Path” and this is “My Passion” and “The Purpose of My Life” !!!
Once you find out your “True Calling” you lose interest in the other things you were doing before you realized what your real passion is. So this is where I stand now as, what I am doing I feel is not enough and I need to move on more onto what I really want to do, with full force of my life. And with all my heart and soul I want to follow what I can do best, is on this mental issues where I know I can help so much. Even while I am sitting and relaxing my mind is working on how to push my way through or how to find that opening I am looking for !!!

A 5

I had written quote long time ago and its only now, years after I have really understood the real meaning of it. Its is , “Restlessness and Discontent are the first necessities to progress” by Thomas Edison. This is very true, as when you really want to do something and you immediately cannot see how you can move on and feel stuck, you keep on thinking what can you do to make it work. And when we keep on thinking even brain storming for ideas, suddenly something works. Some shift happens within you. You come across a new idea that you had never thought or considered of before. If you really feel discontent and restless and want to do better then that itself will serve you to find new opportunities and open new doors for you 🙂
These are times that we cannot push or make things happen, and have to have faith and patience until our times change, and there is shift on to new direction. So have Faith and keep working at what you want to do and e with all your might 🙂

Thank you all for reading and hope what I write help you in some way to find answers in making your lives better and happier 🙂

Many Blessings of Love and Light to all !

Deepa Nilamani ❤


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