From Darkness to Light !

Hello Everyone 🙂

First to thank those of you who read, and the feed back I get from time to time. Its good to see so many reading and sharing some of them. And very encouraging. I do hope what I write is helpful in some way. I know there are many whose first language is not English, as well as sometimes its easier on the eye and less stressful to the mind to see posts as pictures. I found these wonderful posts, which the web site wanted them to be shared, as much as possible to spread the word around. So here I am posting some of them for your benefit 🙂

B 1
Its just not for mental health, but on any topic, you are able to talk about mainly, if you have the knowledge and experiences about it. Be it food, music, plants, nature or any other topics in life. Depression is known as darkness as, if you are very depressed, you do not see the colours of life. Meaning your eye tend to move on to dark and gloomy things even the clothes you wear and choose, tend to be dull and grey. Just like when its a rainy day and the sky is dark and the all around you is gloomy. As I have experienced this I can tell you it is so. At the same time the moment you get well, its just like the sun has come out and you see the world in all its glory. So I know both the darkness and the light. Strange as it is, my name given according to my birth time is the meaning, “Light” Light is also means enlightening in knowledge !

What I feel now is that, all what I have gone through is, ” To be able to gain that knowledge, to be able to enlighten. We are all born for some specific purpose and this is my purpose, my mission. And I am doing exactly that, trying to bring people out of their darkness, into the a world full of Light. Isn’t life mysterious and wonderful 🙂

Its just not being mentally ill, so many go through hard/bad times in their lives at different times, due to many different reasons. Being physical illness, problems in jobs, professions, lack of money and/or family/children problems. And sometimes all or lot of these come together. So these are the times that the human mind cannot take it and it break. So always be aware, just because some one is well dressed and smiling there can be lot going on unseen !!!

AAAA 20a
Saying broken is that your mind is not well. The soul, your spirit can be dampened/discouraged even if you are in normal conditions, by insensitive people, who just look from outside, and discourage and hurt others with no reason. Someone who is going through a very bad time, might completely go off track, and even end their lives by those insensitive and ignorant people by, pushing them further into darkness and gloom and feeling desperate without knowing what else to do. So do think and act before saying or doing harsh thing without knowing what others are going through. You might be responsible, for a loss of a valuable human life !
AAAA 17aa
This is what so many are going through. I have to be very clear although so many issues are put under mental illness, even loss of a job or failing an exam or any other stressful situation, your head is over working trying to find solutions. Its mostly stress that you get headaches and many other illnesses. Its like a chess game inside your head, trying to figure out the best ways to overcome the problems and solve the difficult situations !
B 3
So many are like this. As what is in the heart, cannot be seen !!!
B 6
But it does not help you. It can be just sadness or grief. Its not anyone harming you, but it can be you have lost your job. Had an accident. Lost your money. Being sad is not being mentally ill or mad. Its part of life. No one is happy all the time. Sad and happy, Good and bad, rich and poor are all part of live for all mankind. Even for the animal world animal do go through trauma as even animals get abused and they too get therapy to heal. Its this looking down on people what is wrong !!!
B 7
So don’t let anything eat you up. Being humans we have so much of choices 🙂
B 8
Once we open up, we help ourselves to feel good. To love and care for ourselves. As none of us are born perfect. Sometimes its not seen why some things happened to us. No one makes a mistake or take a wrong turn if they know that it will be disaster. Sometimes it can be like putting out your hand out to survive to the closest thing, person, when you are drowning in the river of stress. As our fist instinct is to survive this is how we are born !

B 9
Not ten it can be hundreds of times. I took 15 long years to overcome depression. Think before you push someone too far. But take note its not only people who break you, mother nature also does that with her floods, volcanos and many other tricks up her sleeves. And for those who ask why only pictures of ladies, here are some for the gentlemen too 🙂

B 11Its not only our problems and struggles, our successes and winnings also can be turned into stories to help others. I am touching on the good side too. As so many harp on the bad side and do not see the good they have. This is a result of my being positive and not depressed. Now I can look from both sides of life 🙂

B 4
This is true as those who have gone through hardships can understand others hardships. But one doesn’t have to be, all that broken to understand another’s feelings. As all human beings go through something if not all at some stage of their lives !!!

B 2
Those who know any physical or mental pain can understand another’s pain or hardships. Someone who never had a headache would never understand another’s pain in the head. The same way the good too. You have to know the taste of the ice cream to say its nice 😛

B 10
When I posted this in my group, someone commented this is because, they feel the pinch. How it feels !!!

B 12
Not  only the wounds, any experience leaves seeds within you to grow later on, a tree full of flowers and fruits for others benefit. Someone who has travelled round the world is full of stories for others to enjoy. That person will be writing a travel blog 🙂

B 13
Well I am a survivor of any kind. And I did fight to win over depression. We all have to, sort of fight over lot of things to achieve what we want in life. I feel quite good that in spite of being named the light,  I fell into darkness and managed to come out. And I fought the darkness and became what I am today. Back to myself, “From darkness to Light” its me 🙂

But we don’t go through all the experiences ourselves in one life. This is how I became well, but a combination of others experiences, my knowledge from very young days even before I got depressed has helped me. Even from books, magazines and other sources I come across now. And I am not this small and certainly don’t stay in a tea cup 😛

I hope you enjoy reading and the pictures. Its more like a picture story. Thank you for reading. God Bless ❤

Love, Light and Healing Energies from me 🙂

Deepa Nilamani ❤

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