Letting Go !

Hello To All My Dear Readers 🙂

How I am doing ? Quite good 🙂 I have overcome much sooner and better than I thought I would, and also making those who were supporting me happy too. There will be a few hiccups here and there but I am back on track again, ready to face the next challenge. Again ? Yes. There comes challenges for all of us in life over and over again. And each time we need to learn how to face and overcome them, to become stronger and wiser to move on with life !!!
Once you have overcome a challenge or challenges, you need to learn from them and organize yourself, to make sure the same thing does not disturb you the same way again. For this you need to, “Let Go” of the things and people that does not work for you anymore. Letting go usually, does not mean taking a bag and going away as so many posts show. As in life you cannot leave those who are dependent on you and walk off just like that. What it means mostly is, “Letting go from the Mind” !!!
Letting Go is a process. As in life from the moment we are born we are Letting Go isn’t it. First of all we let go of the womb that we grew for 9 months and entered the, seems like harsh world with a bang !!!
From that time onwards, everything that we were born with, our hair, skin keeps on shedding and being renewed without our knowledge. Letting go is a, “Natural Process for us to, “Let Go” of the unwanted/old and move on to new that works for us” Its just like discarding our clothes that become too small for us as we grow on to our next size. Not only us it happens to animals too. Like reptiles they too shed their whole length of outer skin from time to time !!!
Then why is this, Letting Go become such a painful process ?
This is when, “We are Forced to Let Go”, “Before we are ready” Just like pulling our hair or teeth before time. In Nature, there is Always, a Time for everything. When we have to, or Forced to give up anything or people before we are ready only, it becomes painful” !!!
In Life generally all of us automatically let go and move on, as we keep on growing and changing and so does our environment. Yes there are always the exceptions. Some are greedy and want to hang on, even to things like clothes they no longer wear. But this is not what I am talking about. What I am talking about is the general flow of how things happen in life !!!
I have come to a stage where I have made a very Big Let Go and the process has begun. This is why I am able to write on this clearly. Most of the people I have considered important are less important now even things does not attract me like before. “I am Not doing it purposely, it is happening automatically. Looking back I have seen this happening continuously of being having, to Let Go of Many Things and People” And once you accept life becomes much easier and pleasant. As you have less people and things to trouble you unnecessarily !!!
This happens to all of us not only me, as its part of Life. And we have to learn to deal with it. This is because the world is both good and the bad. Its not all who are considerate and kind. There are generous and greedy, just like sad and happy. That is how life is !!!
Then how to make life a little easier for us, living in this complicated world ? Well the most important word comes in Lol 😛  To be prepared to Let Go, when we know when our work is done with them and we are no more needed. Hard, yes. But this is reality. When a person/persons have out grown you, means they have changed their personality, their vibrations, their whole energy, so they simply cannot live under the same roof with the same things or the same people anymore. Because even those things belongs to a different era. This happened to me recently as I was clearing the house ending of the year. There were a few things that was with me from the past. While I was clearing, suddenly I simply didn’t want to have them anymore. The very same day I went and gave them away. The relief, when I came back. As if a weight had lifted from my head. Such is how you feel when you “Let Go” of the unwanted things hanging around especially from the past, that reminds you of sad or painful times !!!
The change has not happened fully, but I feel myself even things around me changing. Saying that, we will always be changing everyday, every moment in life. But there are times for, “Big Life Changes” I believe moving away with a Good Heart from the people that no longer need me, will ultimately lead me to the places and people with whom I fit in and belong with. Hoping I will be able to give you all, those Good news one day soon. So that all those who read also will be able to know how things happen and have Faith and Hope in difficult times, to know that Letting Go ultimately bring your Happiness, Joy and Peace and Harmony to Your Life and to those around you as well 🙂

A 35

Hope you enjoyed reading all this and learnt something to help in your life or even someone else’s life. As knowledge is like ripples that travels over and across land and sea all over the world bringing everyone closer and enlightening everyone for a better way of life 🙂

Thank you all for reading. Many Blessings of Love and Light from me ❤

Deepa Nilamani ❤

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