Tying Up Loose Ends !

Hello All My Dear Readers 🙂

My recent issue have got resolved and I am getting back to life, but its a new way of living. I have discovered that when you are pushed or stressed to a limit, coming out of the storm as to say, you are a changed person. The reason is that you have had to act or do things in a way you hadn’t done before, in order to solve those problems and survive. You have broken that little bubble you have been living in. You would have crossed those boundaries that you didn’t dare before. In short you would have, “Stepped out of your comfort zone and become much Stronger ready to face the next challenges, the world, with more Courage and Determination. So have I !!!
After all this has happened, before the beginning of the next chapter I got this need to clear up a few misunderstandings with certain people, who were unclear about what really happened to me. Its not that I have purposely done or said hurtful things, but along the way there has been some who didn’t know or understand what went on in my life, and how things changed as I became ill. We can’t clear the way how everyone thinks of us, but in my mind I wanted to clear up to a certain extent what happened in my life that led me to have a break down and become unwell. Also even though I was down for about 15 years of my life, that its possible to become well. And to show, now that I have recovered, I am able to work towards helping others through my experiences and knowledge 🙂
Its important to enlighten the general society. As some people speak and judge others, little knowing what’s going on within the four walls of one’s house. Especially when one dresses well and is seen going about normally, does not mean that everything is fine at work, home or in life !!!


In my experiences, the saying that, “There is no smoke without a fire also can also be wrong” As those who are envious and jealous, are all ready and waiting. Their need to put down another can be so strong that they, “Can imagine smoke/the wrong doings in their minds” I have also realised in the end that all these people who make stories and try to spoil your life are, “Those who are doing the wrong things themselves and they see the others also the same way” But in the end all these are proven as Truth is like oil. It rises to the top one day. And also you need not do anything in return, but leave all that to God/ The Higher Power/ The Laws of The Universe. As Life is an echo !!!


We can’t clear the way how everyone thinks of us, but there comes a time we get this feeling, “we need to”, in order to move forward. This is almost like, paying your bills and clearing out from a house, before going away to the next. You end that period/chapter of your life, to begin the next with less baggage from the past as possible, It is hard because this is something we need to do all by ourselves. We cannot get anyone to explain on our behalf. And then one needs to deal with the memories that comes up while doing so. But once it’s done, what ever the outcome from the people concerned, be it they accept or understand is irrelevant/does not matter. You have done your part and you have cleared your mind. And then you are, “Free to move on” in Happiness and Peace to your next chapter 🙂
Unfinished business or relationships keep harping our minds and they are reminders of failures. Tying up lose ends, bring all that to an end. A closure to one part of your life. They can be many things, they can be clearing out your house and putting clutter out and organizing it. It also means clearing out clutter and organizing your mind too. Which is very important before moving on to your next chapter your life, to Begin, Again 🙂

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I hope you enjoy reading this and learn something from it, or even remember something you knew before. Please pass on what ever you learn or even the site to others, whom you can think may benefit from what I write. Thank you for reading and visiting my blog 🙂

I have posted the links below from healthyplace. com for those of you who want information on any health issues. You can click on the link and go to their site 🙂

Many Blessings of Love and Light from me ❤

Deepa Nilamani ❤

Below are the links from: http://www.healthyplace.com/ for those who want medical information on any health issue. I have joined this site as part of, “Standing up for Mental Health Campaign”

What is the Stand Up for Mental Health Campaign About?

Why Is It Time to Stand Up for Mental Health?

Join the Stand Up for Mental Health Campaign
Like other groups throughout history, people with a mental illness have been marginalized, discriminated against and made to feel like second class citizens. Others refused to tolerate it, why should you?

By Standing Up for Mental Health, you’ll let others know:

  • There is nothing “wrong” with having a mental illness.
  • People with a mental illness are not alone in what they are dealing with.
  • People with a mental illness shouldn’t feel ashamed or forced to hide their mental illness symptoms and desire for effective treatment.
  • Mental health stigma will no longer be tolerated.

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Depression Info: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments|Take Online Depression Test|Different Types of Depression| How to Help and Support Someone with Depression

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Causes of Bipolar Disorder|Effects of Bipolar Disorder on Family|Take Online Bipolar Test. Instantly Scored.|What Does Bipolar Support Really Mean?

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