Roadmap To Resilience Appendix B!

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I Hope All of You are in Good Health, and “Keeping yourself Positive and Motivated as Best as possible in these trying times”. I have come across this “Book and His Advice ~ How To stay Healthy”. This is the 3rd part in Continuation:

Roadmap to Resilience
Donald Meichenbaum, Ph.D.

Appendix B
User-Friendly Guide of Resilient Behaviors

Another way to access information to bolster your resilience is offered in this Appendix. This is a quick way to find information “on demand” about a variety of specific areas. The specific challenges are arranged in alphabetical order (see words in italics) so you can scan down the list and find the page number on which the “How To” information is located. For example, if you are looking for information on ways to communicate more effectively, or on ways to learn to relax, or ways to improve sleep and the like, then just go to that item and you can find where in the book you can locate that information. Feel free to copy any of these “How To” steps and share then with others. Check off those items on the following list on which you would like to focus.

Create my Resilience Action Plan

Reduce Alcohol Intake

Be more Altruistic (give back)

Control my Anger

Avoid Avoidance

Develop a “Can Do” attitude

Use my Change Talk and Language of Becoming
How To: Use My RE-Verbs

Communicate more effectively
How To: Improve Communication Skills

How To: Improve my Conflict Management Skills
How To: Handle Inevitable Conflicts with Your Partner or Spouse

Use Coping Self-Statements
How To: Use Positive Coping Self-Statements

Assess my Drinking Behavior
What Is Your Drinking Pattern?
Do You Drink Too Much?
Safe Drinking Tips

Eat Healthier

Exercise More

Use my Faith:

Use Positive Spiritual Coping Skills

Avoid Using Negative Spiritual Coping Behaviors

Face My Fears

Use Forgiveness of Others and Self
How To: Engage in Forgiveness

Do Goal Setting (Set “S.M.A.R.T. Goals”)

How To: Steps to Improve My Level of Gratitude and Make Gratitude a Daily Habit

Do Grief Work

Handle Guilt and Shame

Increase Happiness

Create a “Healing Story”

Ask for Help

Help Others and Give Back

Be more Hopeful and Optimistic
How To: Nurture an Optimistic Outlook

Use Benefit Finding

Use Benefit Remembering

Use Downward Comparisons

Undertake a Meaning-Making Mission

Use Meditation (Self-compassion and Loving Kindness)

Create a Resilient Mindset

Take a News Holiday

Improve People-Picking Skills

Reduce Perfectionism

Identify Personal Problems
How To: Be a Good Social Problem-Solver

Use Pets

How To: Begin to Plan Your Next Steps

Increase Positive Emotions
Create a “Bucket List”: Schedule Fun Activities

How To: Increase Positive Emotions

Use Positive Humor

How To: Steps to Becoming More Psychologically Flexible: Adapt and Overcome

Read Helpful Books: Access Role Models

Reconnect with social supports

How To: Regulate Negative Emotions and Use Opposite Actions

How to Look at Things Differently

Stay connected and Reintegrate

Improve Relationship Skills

How To: Nurture My Relationship with My Partner or Spouse

Relax and stay calm under pressure
How To: Do Mindfulness
How To: Use Tactical Breathing

Renegotiate Roles and Responsibilities

Use healing Rituals

Avoid Ruminating and Brooding

Use daily Safe Routines

Bolster Self-Confidence

Change my Self-Talk

Share my story

Sleep Better
How To: Improve Sleep Behavior
How To: Deal with nightmares

Assess my Strengths (Post Traumatic Growth)

Become “Stress Hardy”

How To: Talk Back to My Brain Differently

Avoid Thinking Traps
Can You Identify the Following ‘Thinking Traps’ in Your Self-Talk
How Perfectionistic Are You?

Develop a True Grit attitude

Identify Values and Strengths (H-SLIDER)

Access Websites and Community Resources
Use “Writing Cure” and Journaling
How To: Journal and Engage in Guided Reconsideration


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I am in Good Health and as, “I have been able to, “Receive Healing Energy in to My Hands” since “Beginning of 2016” All my Hard work and Praying has been rewarded. Healing Energy can go to others too, and where ever it is needed to be received with a Clear Mind and Lot of Loving Kindness ❤

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Sending Love, Light and Healing Energies to All ❤

May Gods Blessings Be Upon You ❤

Deepa Nilamani ❤

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