Third Eye in Healing!

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Third Eye 1
An update of my progress over the year 2017 up to now, today being the first day of 2018. Last year was quite a roller coaster ride. As I believe I faced the biggest challenges in my life, which came almost one after another. All of which I have faced bravely and overcome. This is because I intensified my meditation and praying, resulting myself going through a very big energy change, which in turn has set in many physical changes in my favor. “Prayers are good energy/vibrations and sounds helps heals illnesses by balancing our chakra system”!

Eye 2

Sound not only changes you physically but it changes your mental status too. As when the energy changes within, the whole body and mind is affected, here in a good and healthy way. Actually I have studied and was aware of the chakra’s, but not had experiences of the chakra’s balancing, and once they do, I found the seventh chakra which is the third eye becomes active. So actually the challenges here, “Came as blessings  in disguise – as if they didn’t come in so hard and strong – I would not have prayed so very hard and strong to counter act”!

It has really made my outlook much broader. I sense and understand life much more than I did before, and still moving on with it. Above all I have become much more settled and at peace. My purpose was  to help others heal through my experiences, and now I have been given even better tool for it. I have let gone most of the material things and people in order to attain it. In a way it is through, “Pain and heartache” But it a big achievement as it is not an easy thing to achieve and a, “Gift for Healing” It is not magic it is not a physical eye it is:

Eye 1
In life as human beings we can achieve so much. We do not have to be highly qualified itself to be able to do something. I have come this far trying to help others through my experiences, and look what I have got in turn. Anything done with a good heart never goes waste. There are so many things that money cannot buy which you can never put a value. You who is reading, know that there is always a solution for any issue, and when you really try hard you can over come and end up even stronger than you were before 🙂

Eye 9
There is so much of free information on the I net other than books to refer to. Prayers and meditation takes you a long way in healing, but you need to go in a moderate way. You must not and cannot hurry. It takes not days but Years and Years of practice, with “Dedication, Sacrifice and Persistence”. Also to be achieved mainly for “Pure Service”. Hope you enjoyed what I have written and learnt something new. Please share and pass it on to those who can make use of it to, take their lives in to the next level of “Healing and Knowledge”. Thank you for reading ❤


Latest Update December 2019: The Posts have gone up to 100. I am in Good Health and as, “I have been able to, “Develop Healing Energy in to My Hands” since “Beginning of 2016” I have added that as an update in all my posts. This is Ending of 2019 and going on to Year 2020. “A Beginning of “A New Year”. “Upgrading Myself to A New Wave Length ~ A New Chapter in My Life ❤

On Top Right Hand side you are able to see: The word “Menu” when you click on it, You will see will see The word “Home” Under which And then “All the 100 posts from “The Beginning to the end is shown”. The Introductory Page: Who I am & Why I am Writing!

The older Topics “On The Left Hand side “Under Recent Posts Archives and Categories” with “The New Topics adding up” Happy Reading ❤

What I am doing is, “Taken the Therapists Voices with me and have been Writing of My Own Journey in Wellness and Good Health. Helping Others to have “Faith, Hope and to Heal” and Lead a Life of Good Health, Happiness and Joy in this Post, and if You click on this Link in Green You can read this Post: The Therapists Voice Forward!

The coloured Topics in Green. If you “Click” on them “Will take you to other different Posts that I write Where You can read and widen Your knowledge and even Learn the Meanings of new words and Pronunciation too. I have another Website also with “My own little Poems and Pictures of some of My Hobbies” if you are interested on seeing, “What else I am doing” 😛 you click on this link: 

“It is all free”. You can “Down load ~ Take print outs” “share and pass it on also” for others who can benefit from this article and All the other posts ❤

Many Blessings of Love, Light and Healing Energies from me ❤

Thanking for the picture quotes taken from the I net ❤

May God’s Blessing’s Be Upon You ❤

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4 thoughts on “Third Eye in Healing!

    1. Thank you. Yes so many under estimate the power of prayers and meditation. Actually it is exactly not a power but, “A Gift” that sharpens the mind. Enabling to see and understand beyond the normal human being. “This third eye is, something that can be developed over a very long period, step by step and very methodically” as if one tries to go too fast you see the wrong things and can get confused!
      “It has to be developed through loving kindness for the good of humanity and all living beings, and not for destruction, it is then that it will become a true gift” Very few have liked this article as, some are not aware, some do not believe and some are rather frightened by it!
      It is higher knowledge, deep wisdom, sixth sense all combined to see, understand life as I said beyond the normal human senses. It can be only used for the good of mankind, if not it will be lost forever and it will not be a gift anymore, but other way around. “Its a God given Gift a Blessing” and I have achieved it and Blessed and Thankful 🙂 ❤


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