World Statistics For ~ I am My Path!

Hello To All My Dear Readers ❤

Hope all of you are keeping well and enjoy reading and also learning new facts from all what I am writing and posting. There are quite a few who are reading from “All over The World” and I thought of letting you all know “The response To ~” ❤

flags-of-the-world 1

Australia · Austria · Belgium · Canada · China · Czech Republic · Denmark … Germany · Greece · Hong Kong · Indonesia · Italy · Japan · Netherlands · New … South Africa · Spain · Switzerland · Sweden · Taiwan · USA · United Kingdom …

Images for Stats for All Time 1 1 5,462 5,462 Views
5,462 United States
3,022 Australia
2,337 India
888 United Kingdom
518 Canada
438 Philippines
309 Japan
247 South Africa
223 Germany
144 Malaysia
136 Ireland
92 China
91 Singapore
90 Kenya
75 Pakistan
73 United Arab Emirates
70 Netherlands
70 European Union
69 Indonesia
67 Belgium
56 Sri Lanka
51 Finland
49 Nigeria
44 Saudi Arabia
43 Brazil
41 Hong Kong SAR China
39 Norway
34 Czech Republic
33 Spain
32 France
32 Nepal
32 Italy
31 South Korea
31 Taiwan
27 Denmark
25 New Zealand
25 Thailand
23 Qatar
22 Burkina Faso
22 Mauritius
21 Malta
21 Romania
19 Egypt
19 Trinidad & Tobago
18 Turkey
17 Maldives
16 Mexico
16 Austria
14 Ghana
13 Greece
13 Russia
12 American Samoa
12 Kuwait
11 Tanzania
11 Myanmar (Burma)
11 Slovenia
10 Hungary
10 Serbia
10 Poland
9 Israel
9 Bangladesh
8 Jamaica
8 Costa Rica
8 Ukraine
8 Morocco
7 Sweden
6 Lebanon
6 Oman
6 Cyprus
6 Albania
6 Namibia
5 Vietnam
5 Guyana
5 Fiji
5 Uganda
4 Bulgaria
4 Haiti
4 Puerto Rico
4 Algeria
4 Bahamas
3 Seychelles
3 Macau SAR China
3 Bahrain
3 Croatia
3 Macedonia
3 Suriname
3 Zambia
3 Bosnia & Herzegovina
3 Peru
3 Aruba
3 Portugal
3 Benin
3 Jersey
3 Iraq
3 Slovakia
3 Liechtenstein
2 Cameroon
2 Nicaragua
2 Belize
2 Uruguay
2 Ecuador
2 Senegal
2 Argentina
2 Afghanistan
2 Switzerland
2 Réunion
2 Côte d’Ivoire
2 Botswana
2 Lithuania
2 Colombia
2 Gibraltar
2 Ethiopia
2 Gambia
1 Somalia
1 Paraguay
1 Honduras
1 St. Lucia
1 El Salvador
1 Guam
1 Zimbabwe
1 Panama
1 Madagascar
1 Northern Mariana Islands
1 Venezuela
1 Brunei
1 Cambodia
1 Bermuda
1 Chile
1 Laos
1 Georgia
1 Kyrgyzstan
1 Dominican Republic
1 Tunisia
1 Latvia
1 Bhutan
1 Libya
1 Greenland
1 Syria
1 Iceland
1 Armenia
1 Yemen
1 Azerbaijan
1 Barbados
1 Jordan
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2 thoughts on “World Statistics For ~ I am My Path!

  1. That’s so cool to get to see a breakdown like this – you’ve got readers from all over the world! Is there any way to track down one of those in the Bahamas and ask if they’d like to do a house swap with me in the grey & rainy UK? 😉
    Caz xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank You Caz ❤ Well Yours and so many other websites also must be having readers from all over the world as, "All sites are on the I net. Check and see 😛 there must be some from Bahamas in your site to do a house swap with you 🙂 Sincerely Hope your Health improves. Lots of Love from me as always ❤


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