That Thing called Stress !!!

Hello To All My Dear Readers 🙂

Hello to All of my reading friends I hope you all are keeping well and Happy 🙂 Thought of writing about stress. A common topic, a word but a real challenge to manage and overcome, but possible. Definition from the I net: “A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances”!

Stress 6a
Stress is not only at work but everywhere. It can be at home, with family, friends and even doing hobbies and during many things in everyday life. We can become stressed doing thing we do not like or even doing things we like to do. The difference is we try to go beyond what we can do, “its like running against time or going against the natural order” There is a pattern a timing for everything in life. True there are times that we do have to quicken our step in order to keep up with this fast moving world, but its not with everything and all the time. In life we have choices and we need to choose correctly 🙂

We need to prioritize in life on how we can manage what we have to do. We cannot do everything all the time. There are things we can and not do according to age limits. We have to accept what we can and cannot do. In short we need to learn to let go of the unnecessary and things we cannot change in life. There is always things we can do, and people whom we can have around who do not stress us. At least one or two good family or friends, who can understand and care for us. There is always jobs and life situations that we can fit into but there is always that exception. In that case we have to change the way we thing and take them as tests !!!

Stress 5a

None of us work 24/7 and there is always some free time to relax. Also relaxing does not need a lot of money either. Of course if one can have enough money to spend, there are many expensive ways to relax. But actually relaxing is becoming one with mother nature. The closer you become to mother earth, by ways of food clothes and living the closer you become to a stress free life. It is difficult to lead a complete stress free life in this present times. But there are plenty of simple way to relax and reduce our stress levels and enjoy a balanced and healthy life 🙂

You can see from this chart many many things you can do in order to relax and relieve stress. You will also notice many things are about how to enjoy nature. We are part of The Universe hence part of Mother Earth. We need to live in ways that we are close to nature as much as possible. Even if you lead busy lives in the city, once in a way to go to the beach, rivers, parks, even a swim in a pool will bring your body closer to the natural state. Below is a picture that you can see some more of what You can do. Hope you read up and follow some of them as I do too ❤

Counsel 1a

Music and Dance or free movements are ideal to de-stress and Relax. See how Bright and fun this little video is and, even if you just like to watch. I don’t know how two of the same videos have come and I can’t see both here to take away one 😛 So maybe you can listen to both at the same time like in a group. Enjoy 🙂 😛

14th April 2019 Update: I keeping in Very Good Health and also The Good News is “I have also been able to, “Develop Healing Energy in to My Hands” since “Beginning of 2016” ~ which I have also added as an update in: Who I am & Why I am Writing!

28th August 2019: This is who I am now. Taken the Therapists Voices with me and have been Moving forward Telling My Own Story in Helping Others to have “Faith, Hope and to Heal” and Lead a Life of Good Health, Happiness and Joy: Who I am Now & Why I am Writing!

If you like to check the posts from the “Very Beginning” as by now “The Posts have gone up more than 90” ~ You can click the “Menu” on the “Top Right Hand Side” or the Posts on, “The Left Hand side under ~ Recent Posts” ❤

I have started to develop my “Other site ~ A Personal Website”, with “My own little Poems and Pictures of some of  My Hobbies” if you are interested on seeing, “What else I am up to” 😛 during my spare time you can have a look at : ❤

Thank You for Reading. “As usual You may Share or Pass it on, and even take Print outs or Download for Free”, for yourself and even other also who can learn and benefit from what I have written ❤

Thanking Pinterest for the Music videos and I net for the pictures taken ❤

Many Blessings of Love, Light and Healing Energies from me ❤

May God’s Blessings Be Upon You ❤

Deepa 1Deepa Nilamani 🙂

7 thoughts on “That Thing called Stress !!!

    1. Thanks a lot for appreciating what I have written. I am so glad that you have found some useful ideas from my post. You are very welcome. By liking and commenting I am encouraged to write more and better that helps myself and all those who read and follow my blog. Most grateful. Love and Light from me 🙂 ❤

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    1. What a compliment to have found the article to be a, Magical stress reducer” as I tell everyone it helps me as well as all those read and follow when someone comments. Others view points helps as well as encourages me to do better. Grateful and Thankful to you. Man Blessings 🙂 ❤


  1. Stress is always there in daily life in many ways. No one can avoid or deny. Yes by acknowledging and accepting we learn to deal with it. It is part of life to overcome and move on to the next level. If only we take it in a bad way that it becomes a big problem to us. I am glad you found it helpful and Thank you for coming in and commenting. It goes a long way in helping others as well as encouraging me 🙂 ❤


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