The Benefits of Nature!

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Nature 15
Hope all are well and Happy 🙂 I am redoing some of the articles for the benefit of the new followers and also with more information and more colour to suit my much more Positive feelings and mood at this time of my Life now with Healing Energies I am receiving. Actually this should have come after the article that I wrote about stress, as nature is one of the most Natural Therapies for stress. You might ask why, and I will say this is because we are part of mother nature. So the best way to reduce stress is to reconnect with mother nature, relax and calm your mind and body 🙂

This is if you are comfortable walking among trees and plants especially in the woods, where its completely free of other disturbances and you can be totally immersed in the natural surroundings. When you can find a nice quiet place, you can be at peace. You hear the sounds of nature and then you hear yourself. As its in the silence that you hear your inner voice. What you really want in life. Your heart desires!

The reason we can relax best in nature is, because its full of greenery. Green is soothing to the eyes. Its a colour that balances the energies of the body and helps the mind to calm down. In fact my favourite colour is green and I love plants and nature 🙂

Nature 6
Walking bare foot, helps you to connect to mother earth. This is called grounding. Or earthing ~ which is a spiritual term. By connecting with mother nature it helps to balance your energies or vibrations. Sometimes it may be not possible to find trees and parks or natural surrounding itself to walk around. Still there are other places where you get buildings and houses also that you can connect and relax. See this post below ❤

Nature 2 (2)
Most of the time the reason we get stressed is because, we are in a hurry. We try to run against time. Its true that we cannot sit and wait things to come to us, but after we have done our best, we need to have patience until things happen or change the way we want them to 🙂

A 9
I am sure almost all of you are aware, other than the vast sky above all around is the colour green as the world is usually full of trees and plants. But sadly man has been cutting down without much respect or consideration to the environment that our environment has got quite polluted, that our environment has got quite restricted in some places for the animals and polluted, not only in countries that are over populated but in lot of places almost all over the world. Again life does balance too as from another side, some are growing in their own gardens, and lands, and having roof top gardens even for business purposes growing vegetables, fruits and herbs and many other things! nature-13.jpg

In the natural surroundings, the flowing of the water, the rustle of the leaves and the moving of the trees are all soothing sounds to the ears. That’s natural music that can relax and lull you to sleep peacefully 🙂

Nature 1 (2)

Nature plays a very big part in our healing. As you are able to relax naturally, stress goes away naturally too. You reconnect to where you really belong, mother nature. You inhale clean air, absorb the natural light and sounds to sooth your nerves. By connecting with mother nature it helps to balance your energies/vibrations. Learn to enjoy nature. Go bare foot for walks on the grass on the beach, sit and watch the clouds moving, how the light plays with the trees and leaves. Nature is one big experience by itself and most of all its free 🙂

A 5

The other Beautiful Thing about Nature is “All the flowers we see” in plants Trees and Bushes. In Natural surroundings like Forests and where people live in parks or their gardens 🙂

A 8
Hope you enjoyed the walk through the nature with me. If you don’t have a garden you can go to a park or any place that is quiet and peaceful. At this time, “You” can watch this Beautiful video and imaging yourself walking, or even watching and listening to the sounds and “Relax” Until, you can walk by yourself, with your partner, or with your friends and family, and enjoy ❤

Nature 12a
This is something that I found, I am sharing for further knowledge. It is called, “Forest Bathing” 🙂

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6 thoughts on “The Benefits of Nature!

  1. Lovely post and great advice. What a wonderful thing to do, walk in nature. I’ve spent the last couple of years in an area where there’s a lot of concrete, roads, houses, but not much greenery. There’s such a magical peace when I visit the local park 🙂

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    1. Yes we need to walk on grass and connect with mother nature, as there is so much of concrete and artificial flooring around. I too am a nature lover and love to be outdoors among plants and trees. Thank you for your reading and appreciating my post. Many Blessings of Love and Light from me 🙂 ❤

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