Chapter 2 ~ How I Became an Author!

Hello To All My Dear Readers ❤

I hope all of you are in Good Health and doing well in your life. As you see I have covered as much as I can “Of My Journey Towards Good Health” in The 1st Chapter. I am not going to repeat the same things over and over again, “Unless anyone wants some information on some issue”, and You can say so in the comment Box below the posts. I hope to be writing on “The Themes of Relaxation” and other ways of “Being Creative and Maintaining a Healthy way of Living”. For the, “New Readers” who are following what I write, “You can choose The articles from the 1st Part”. I have done 111 posts and “To know Who I am” 112th is The Introductory page” Who I am & Why I am Writing!Christmas 1a
It was in December 12th 2015 I had gone very early to ‘The Shopping Mall” and was listening to “Christmas Carols” and waiting for the shops to open, that I wrote these word on My shopping List, “On Perfection”. The world The society finds it Difficult to see “Perfection” This is why generally when people even Things look too “Perfect” or “Whole” They tend to find some “Flaw” in it. They cannot Believe that some can work up to be “Very near To Perfection”! It can also be the action of making something perfect. Since perfect things are without fault or flaw, perfection is a perfect condition!

Perfection 2a
What people do not understand is: That it takes a “Lot of Hard work to “Be Perfect” or “Make some Object to ~ Be Perfect”. Perfection is a flawless state where everything is exactly right. It can also be the action of making something very well. Since Perfect things are without fault or flaw, Perfection is a Perfect condition ~ I net! And to “Behave in a Perfect Way’ One has to be “Be Highly Disciplined”!

Discipline:is the “Practice or Standards of Behaviour”. “Is the quality of being able to behave and work in a way which involves obeying particular rules or standards”~ I Net. And also, going about in Life or Doing things correctly and Honestly, “Even if someone see them or not” is ~Integrity!

Integrity 1

By this time I had already started My in September 2015. But then “It was this day I realized that: (Definition of calling. 1 : a strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence. 2 : the vocation or profession in which one customarily engages) “Writing was My Calling” 🙂

A 109a

And then, ” I began to write and kept on writing Articles on: ~ Who I am & Why I am Writing!

A 107
And then:” The girl who was Always Writing, became The Author herself” 🙂

A 102aa
So that is how I have been writing since then, and This is My New Card. With Nicer Letters and Brighter colours 🙂

Card 2
Latest Update 14th March 2020:Up to date with “This article which is The 112th and The Introductory page. I have Published 113 posts on This Website  On Top Right Hand side you are able to see: The word “Menu” when you click on it, You will see will see The word “Home” All the posts from “The Very Beginning comes ~ Under “Home”. Which is The Introductory Page about: Who I am & Why I am Writing!

The old Topics are, “On The Left Hand side “Under the, “Recent Posts” with “The New Topics adding up. “It will be too long to post so many number of posts on the side. You can “Click and see all The older Topics” Under “Archives and Categories”. Make Note: “Archives” and “Meta” Which has been repeated, some change of format at the moment and I am unable to change ❤


Thank You 17

“I have been able to, “Receive Healing Energy in to My Hands” since “Beginning of 2016”. All my Hard work and Praying has been rewarded. Healing Energy can go to even You or where ever it is needed to be received with a clear mind and Loving Kindness”  ❤

So right now, “I am Editing and Updating almost, “All The Posts” from The Very Beginning”. It is “A New Chapter and A New Beginning”. Upgrading Myself to A New Wave Length. A New Chapter in My Life and I Wish so for You also ❤

What I am doing is, “Taken the Therapists Voices with me and have been Moving forward Writing My Own Story of Good Health and Wellness in Helping Others to have “Faith, Hope and to Heal” and Lead a Life of Good Health, Happiness and Joy. If you click on the Link: The Therapists Voice Forward!

I have taken a lot of time to write all these articles, “Right now it is 5.51 AM 14th March 2020 Brisbane Time, Australia. I have not got up in the Morning, BUT “Been writing from Last Night”! As you see I do References also, for More and New Information, and even spelling, “To make sure, “I give out “The Very Best as much as possible”. So I hope All those who Read will be able to make the maximum use of all these facts and make, “Your Lives More Healthy and able to Lead Better lives in Good Health, Happiness and Peace”. I wish it to be so.” Peace which is The Ultimate Goal in our Lives” ❤ ❤ ❤

The coloured Topics in Green, if you “Click” on them “Will take you to other different posts of Mine which you will be able to find more information and even Pronunciation. I have another website with “My own little Poems and Pictures of some of My Hobbies” if you are interested on seeing, “What else I am doing” during my spare time you can have a look at : ❤

“It is all free”. You can “Down load ~ Take print outs” “share and or pass it on also” for others who can benefit from this article and the posts. Any questions or comments are most welcome ❤ ❤ ❤

Thanking the I net for the pictures taken and shared and for the posts written by me. And  for the card ❤

Many Blessings of Love, Light and Healing Energies to You ❤

May God’s Blessings Be Upon You ❤

Deepa 100Deepa Nilamani 🙂

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