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Hope all of you are doing well and keeping yourselves occupied and well. I am posting some of the birds that come to my garden and fly around the house. Below is a picture of The rainbow lorikeet: is a species of parrot found in Australia. It is common along the eastern seaboard, from northern Queensland to South Australia. Its habitat is rainforest, coastal bush and woodland areas. Rainbow lorikeets are true parrots, and is a medium-sized parrot. The head is deep blue with a greenish-yellow collar, and the rest of the upper parts (wings, back and tail) are green. The chest is orange/yellow. The belly is deep blue, and the thighs and rump are green. In flight a yellow wing-bar contrasts clearly with the red underwing feathers (coverts).

Parrot 2
Rainbow lorikeets feed mainly on fruit, pollen and nectar, and possess a tongue adapted especially for their particular diet. The end of the tongue is equipped with a papillate appendage adapted to gathering pollen and nectar from flowers. Nectar from eucalyptus is important in Australia.

Parrot 5
The birds with yellow beaks are honey eaters. They forage in the canopy of trees, on trunks and branches, and on the ground, mainly eats nectar, fruit, and insects, and is a vocal species with a large range of songs, calls, scoldings and alarms, and almost constant vocalisations, particularly from young birds. So called noisy miners. Most are loud and penetrating, and consist of harsh single notes. It has two broad-frequency alarm calls that are used when mobbing intruders into their territory, or when predators (including humans) are sighted; and a narrow-frequency alarm call that is primarily used when airborne predators are seen, such as the brown falcon, or other large flying birds, including the Australian magpie. A grey bird with a distinctive yellow patch behind the eye, yellow-orange bill and feet and a yellow-olive patch on the wings, and white tips on the tail feathers. Noisy miners are gregarious and territorial; they forage, bathe, roost, breed and defend territory communally, forming colonies that can contain several hundred birds.

May 31st 2020: Up to date with “This picture post which is The 124th and with The Introductory page I have Published 125 posts on This Website. And then All the posts from “The Beginning to the end is shown ~ Below the Home Page”: Who I am & Why I am Writing!

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I am in Good Health and as, “I have been able to, “Receive Healing Energy Myself” since “Beginning of 2016” All my Hard work and Praying has been rewarded. Healing Energy can go to others where ever it is needed ~ Anywhere in “The World”. But one must have to receive with a Kind Heart and Loving Kindness” ❤

What I am doing is, “Taken the Therapists Voices with me and have been Moving forward Writing about My Own Journey of Good Health and Healing in Helping Others also to have “Faith, Hope and to Heal” and Lead a Life of Good Health, Happiness and Joy, and it is in this post if you click on the Link: The Therapists Voice Forward!

So right now these days, “I am Editing and Updating almost, “All The Posts” from The Very Beginning with New picture posts with brighter colours”. As always it can be, “A New Chapter and A New Beginning”. Upgrading Myself to A New Wave Lengths, and I Wish so for You also ❤

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May God’s Blessings Be Upon You ❤

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4 thoughts on “Birds Birds Birds!

  1. Oh wow, these rainbow lorikeets are truly amazing creatures. There’s a lot here I’ll admit to not knowing, which is bad in the sense that I’m pretty ignorant on the bird front, and good because I love to learn. It’s fascinating that they’re tongues are adapted that way for their diet. You’ve got amazing photographs here, beautiful.
    Caz xx

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    1. Thank You so much Caz. Well well I also have lot to learn still, part of the description as you see I have done reference. There is a lot of things including animal world I also have yet to learn. Learning new things will never end, of course we cannot cover everything. Hope your Health is improving. I wish you Good Health as always. You always come and appreciate and comment for which I am very greateful. Keeps my Blog active and its so nice to get some feed back. Lots of Love from me and Healing Energy coming Your way ❤ ❤ ❤

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