Some Try to Spoil Others Lives for No Reason?

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Hope all of you are doing well and being Happy. I am quite Happy, as the Blog is growing and, more and more readers are joining, seen and unseen no matter as long as its being read and being helped in some way. In my case I get so much of satisfaction in writing, it helps me to put my thoughts in order as well as give out my views and to relax after I do my studying. Do comment and questions are always welcome. It keeps the Blog alive and interesting when so many bring out their way of looking at life 🙂

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Well here I am trying to figure out why some people are always trying to stand across other people’s progress, spoil their friendships/relationships, and maybe even studies and job opportunities, in short come in between and and try to mess other’s lives even if they have done “Nothing wrong to them”!!! When I wanted to write on this topic I came across them as, “Toxic People” Going through certain events that has and is happening around me, now I have realized that they are indeed, “People who Think Negatively mainly” and do not have much Good Influences to others!

Moral 6
What is the real reason that these people become that way. It need not be that they are poor or struggling in life but, it is because they have, “The wrong Values in Life” Its true that we all need that green stuff called money to pay our bills and buy things to eat and live. But some make Money the Priority and thereby, “Lose their value as human beings” Money can be earned but, ” Can you put A Value for Human Life?

Values 1
Money, material things are to be used to, “Live as Dignified Human Beings” Instead these people, “Lose their humanness and Dignity” by becoming slaves to those pieces of paper. Actually these people do not realize that being, “Toxic to others, they become Toxic to themselves ~ “Wrong thinking brings about, “Negative Vibrations and Acids in the body” that “Destroy the cells instead of making them” and many chronic illnesses comes up, that these green pieces called money is unable to Heal”!!!

Moral 3

From what I have been observing, I have also realized that these type of  people, “Have No clue what so ever in, “The Laws of the Universe”, anything to do with any kind of religion, prayers or what is really Good or Bad” In short, “They do not have any Ethics, Dignity or Morals” Naturally they are not at peace or have any kind of real Happiness in their lives”!

Laws 1

In life, in religions generally we are always told about dealing what ever the wrong doings of others with “Loving Kindness”. To forgive and to show understanding. But the fact is, with some people, “They mistake your Kindness for Weakness” This topic is often debated even on Face Book and by many people. “My being an exceptionally Tolerant and Patient to others unkindness, “I have Experienced then misunderstanding My Kindness. It is Because I am Strong that I am able to tolerate others wickedness” What is the solution ? Are they as ignorant and naïve as they show?

Toxic 8a.
Its the people that makes a society. And in this society we come across many types of people. How ever much good one is, there will be those who try to find something wrong. In life one does comes across these type of people, trying to spread unnecessary and wrong views of others. Disturbing “The Peace and Harmony in some people and also in the society itself” I myself cannot understand at anytime “Why some people keep on being unkind, “With No reason to some who have not done or doing any harm, but move on in life just living their life without troubling others” At any given time, “I really cannot see reason for this” ~ other than these people’s minds needs some sort of guidance and correcting to change their behaviour. But the fact is, “It is not easy to change others, the society or the world. But I Hope that by, “Leading a Life according to Dharma will somehow have some Influence to alter these issues and Bring Peace and Harmony” Until then This is something I came across ” interesting Quote to read” ❤

Confidence 2

I have been facing certain Unnecessary challenges I never expected. But I soon realize, and pray for guidance and answers, I get them, in time and I am able to move on stronger and better. I have faced a challenge soon after my birthday last month and my prayers were answered and now just in a month I am moving on forward. It is just that we need to move on to “Higher grounds or a Higher wave length “That we need to put in more Work, Time and Energy”!

This is an Update on The 24th of January 2020: I received The Gift of Healing ~ Something I never really expected happened as a Result of Praying and facing all that happened with Strength and Maitri this post is on: Who I am & Why I am Writing!

Maitrī (SanskritPalimettā) means benevolence,[1] loving-kindness,[2][3] friendliness,[3][4] amity,[4] good will,[5] and active interest in others.[4] It is the first of the four sublime states (Brahmaviharas) and one of the ten pāramīs of the Theravāda school of Buddhism.

Metta 1

If you look at things this way. “The Kind/Good people are those who Help and Encourage us up. We need to know how to recognize these people, that is the time we have to be matured enough or become wise enough, to weave our way through most of the obstacles in life with much less stress or difficulty. And then I believe, “We would have earned the right and also able to spend the rest of our lives, in Dignity, Happiness and Peace. What do you think? This is what I observe at this stage of my life. What about You ❤

Confidence 4a

I am in Good Health and as, “I have been able to, “Receive The Gift of Healing” All my Hard work and Praying has been rewarded.” Healing Energy can go to others where ever it is needed to be received with a Clear Mind and A Lot of Loving Kindness” ❤

So I have been updating and Editing almost all my posts naturally as, This is “A New Chapter and A New Beginning” I Upgrading Myself to A New Wave Length. A New Chapter in My Life and I Wish so for You also. Please click this Link which will take You to My Birthday Post Birthday!

The older Topics which are from “The First Lot” will be “On The Left Hand side. Under the, “Recent Posts” with “The New Topics adding up. Also Under Archives and Categories. Happy Reading ❤

Thank You 11a

And what I am doing is, “Taken the Therapists Voices with me and have been Moving forward Writing My Own Story in Wellness. Helping Others to have “Faith, Hope and to Heal” and Lead a Life of Good Health, Happiness and Joy in this Post, and if You click on this Link in Green You can read this Post: The Therapists Voice Forward!

The coloured Topics in Green, if you “Click” on them “Will take you to my other posts, which you will be able to find more information and even Pronunciation also”. I have another website with “My own little Poems and Pictures of some of My Hobbies” if you are interested on seeing, “What else I am doing” 🙂 you can have a look at : ❤

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Many Blessings of Love, Light and Healing Energies from me to All of You ❤

May God’s Blessings Be Upon You ❤

Deepa 100Deepa Nilamani 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Some Try to Spoil Others Lives for No Reason?

  1. I can completely relate to having suffered toxic people. I have met a few truly toxic people, at least toxic to me, people who have been so negative in all aspects it made me sad to see them that way. One person I knew was indeed controlled by his need for money. He couldn’t see that it was his very attitude to life, expecting the worst outcome in every situation for example, was making his life harder and he saw not one thing to be grateful for in life although he had so much more than others. He blamed me for his career getting worse and all I had ever done was chat via emails after I had ‘met’ him through a previous blog I ran. Though it was only online I’ve met some other people offline who’s focus in life is either money or their social status. Happiness doesn’t enter their list of what’s important in life :/ .
    It’s so important to keep yourself from falling into the negativity of others lives. We must take care of ourselves. Wonderful post ❤

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    1. Thank you very much for appreciating and, your contribution on your experiences and views as well. Its so good when some one comments as so many others who read, see from another persons view point too.I am past my middle age and aware of other’s negativity and most certainly keep away from online negative connections, unless asked for advice, and if I can offer so 🙂
      Those who blame other’s always play the victim role and they always where they are, in the bottom of the pit. Its very rarely that you can pull them up, if they have not matured and changed their ways, by the time they are mature adults !!!
      What I write is Not always things that have or happening to me, but generally what people face in life. By this time I have overcome depression and worked up myself as a Motivator so I am able to safeguard myself from most of these situations. As in life, its not always some people are only negative and some only positive. Most have a balance with both, where as a minority are not. So when we move around in society its very difficult to choose, as its not seen from outside, so its up to us to know how to associate people according to their personalities don’t you think ?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It can be difficult to sometimes know if someone has a personality that we will get along with, some people seemingly change when we meet them but yes most of the time I like to think that we get to know and develop friendships with those people who are on a similar level to us and that we have an ability to see how people are and whether they are people who we will get along with and who are on the same ‘wave length’ as us 🙂

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