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I have been reading some articles and according to the latest statistics, mental illnesses have been going up and “The word Health Organization has stated that depression will be the biggest cause of health burden in the world by 2030”. Millions world over supposed to be going through low moods also called depression and many other mental issues. What is Depression?  There are So many under This Topic: Healing ~ Desire To Heal!

It is annoying that so many people “Even those who are highly educated “are still not aware that the mind also can become unwell and can become “Well and Heal too”. Or with some people keep it under control with “Counselling and Medication” well enough “To lead a normal life just like everyone else to Lead a Life of Happiness and Joy” ❤ ❤ ❤

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In Australia alone one in seven supposed to, experience major depression in their life time. But 70% of them will not seek treatment. One of the main reasons for this is supposed to be Stigma:

Stigma 2
The other reasons are not having access to formal mental health treatment due to being in remote areas, the cost and time limitations. The result of this is people becoming unwell and unable to work or to lead their lives in the normal way and also doing things that is not helpful for your life and giving sadness to their loved ones and even to the whole of humanity. In the past it was said that counselling online is of little help, now research has clearly shown that self-guided, online psychological therapy is effective for most people experiencing low moods or depression regardless of severity or back ground.

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Those of you who are reading, please do go for counselling or therapy “When Possible” as they are extremely helpful. So because of this “Until Then” I decided to write in my Own Way “What I know to be of Help as much as possible” If you click these, There are 3 Posts on Counselling from what I know and My Experiences and Knowledge: Counselling ~ 1! Counselling ~ 2! Counselling ~ 3

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Even if its not proper Dancing any Movements in Relaxation does help.  Even while seated: Health Benefits of Dancing ~ 1!
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There are Many other posts that You can Read. So Please Look into “Left side and choose the Posts and Read what You Think will Help You Best Methodically” That Thing called Stress!
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If you click these two Links you can read two posts on Stigma. 1. End The Stigma ~ Discrimination Stops with You!  2.End The Stigma!  

Stigma 1

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But if you are unable to go **until such time, read books articles and find information on line for self care** There is so much of knowledge in books, magazines and on the I net. “Not only TV programs, but even Ordinary News Papers, Books or Magazines, what ever You can find easily”. And also news of another country. Your mind gets refreshed and also You will come across “New Words and New Ideas”. Health Benefits of Reading ~ 1!

And very often my mind has been full of words of those programs the same way. If we want to improve our way of living, we have to improve our ways of thinking. For this what do we do, we finds ways and means of training and influencing our minds to think better, in more advanced ways, by Reading and Looking at Good Things in Life and even Watching Good and Educative TV programs. Benefits Of Music ~ Part 1!

Counselling 13.
See if these are also is useful. Again this is if you are unable to go for medical help for some reason. It is said “Music plays A Very Big Part” ❤

Brain 2

The Mozart Effect: It’s been thought that listening to classical music, particularly Mozart, enhances performance on “Cognitive tests. However, recent findings show the listening to any music that is personally enjoyable has positive effects on cognition. Listening to good music can make you learn better and has the power to enhance some kind of higher brain function, such as reading and literacy skills, spatial-tempered reasoning, emotional intelligence and mathematical abilities – even children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder benefit in mathematics tests from listening to music beforehand!

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The Power of Your Amazing Brain: The conscious mind controls our minds only 5% of the day and the subconscious mind holds of our Thoughts 95% of the time!

66.66667% FAT…..The Brain is 2/3 fats. Myelin, the protective sheath covering your neurons is 70% fat. Eating fatty fish, Green Leafy Vegetables, Olive Oil, Avocados, Chia seeds, Flax seeds and nuts replenish Your neurons and Brain Cells.

You have 70,000 thoughts per day!

Create 6 (2)

Thoughts are real.  Your thoughts cause biological and physiological effect – Your body responds to mental input as if it were physically real.

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These are some of The Other Posts: Healthy Living ~ Relaxation! Healthy Living: Healthy Living ~ Exercises!

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Another Very Important fact is “Gratitude” There is much to the meaning of Gratitude. How I was trained was to, write 5 Gratitudes daily and, gradually I was looking for new things that I am Grateful to write, and without my knowledge my mind was slowly changing to a positive way of thinking. So that was a very big step, in lifting myself from the low moods I was having at the time. You can start by whatever things you are Grateful for but it has to be new ones everyday. Below is something of an example: What is Gratitude?

Gratitude 5a
Each of you will have different things and people to be grateful for according to how your life is. Whatever way, the important thing is, to be aware when good things happen and you acknowledge for all that and to be grateful for them. Below is a chart how being grateful, has improved depression, sleep time even blood pressure. Overall the quality of life has improved 🙂

Gratitude 2
This is a beautiful chart that shows benefits, quotes and done in a beautiful way to read to make notes to yourself and how to write gratitudes 🙂

Gratitude 3a
But now after sometime: 11th December 2020 I am able to say I have gone through counselling, Medication and all what I have ben saying and in my case, and overcome completely and in Good Health and Leading a Normal Life. So that You The Reader can Hope and Faith it is Possible for You also) But You all can become Better and Happier and change. Now I am able to tell you all myself 🙂 ❤ 🙂

Z 12
So this is the reason I thought I will try and increase writing more posts as “I was told by My Consultant quite some time ago” if at least one person will make use of these tips and go for counselling, take medication or learn how to manage their moods and feel a little better and Happier I will be Blessed for Life. So If I know I have made just one person feel better, valued and worth “I will be The Happiest” Each one of us are born for a Very Specific Purpose ❤ “YOU ARE VERY UNIQUE and VERY SPECIAL- ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT ” ❤

Z 11

Latest Update 6th March 2020: I started this blog in September 2015, mainly to write my journey on mental wellness “Just in My Pen Name Deepa Nilamani” ~ But as I have been able to, “Receive Healing Energy ~ which began its Journey since February 2016 ” ~ I have had to introduce myself in, “My Full name” and to be seen from where, “I have acquired, “The Gift of Healing Hands” Down The Generation, “Who My Maternal Grandfather is, and My Great Grand father is, I have added this Link. Which will take you on to “Their Details on The site of Wikipedia on the I net”:!

So “I am having to Edit and Update All The Posts from The Very Beginning” This is My Birthday and, “A New Chapter and A New Beginning”. Click this Link which will take You to My Birthday Post Birthday!

It is something I have earned, “Through Lot of Hard work, Sacrifices, Sharing, Giving, Donating and through Loving Kindness” and above all being “Truthful and Honest”. “The Universal Energy” is also called “Healing or Pranic energy”, “chi” in China and “ki” in Japan. As we know, energy can travel so, “Prayer energy which also can be called “HEALING ENERGY OR VIBRATIONS” can travel far and wide to distant places too. If You click this link You can go to another of My Posts Explaining about Energy. Its not possible to cover everything in one post as well it can be too much to Read Understand and Take in: Energy Healing!

* Update11th December 2020: Right now I am Editing. The Date is 11th December 2020 at 2.50 AM ~2.54 AM ~ 3.49 AM. Even as I writing I am getting Vibrations from time to time* You can Receive from time to time, it cannot be seen only felt in your palms and fingers only ❤

Energy 17

Up to date with the Birthday article 111th and The Introductory page I have published 112 posts on This Website. On “The Top Right Hand side” you are able to see: The word “Menu” when you click on it, You will see will see The word “Home” Below is The Introductory Page about: Who I am & Why I am Writing!

The old Topics are, “On The Left Hand side “Under the, “Recent Posts” with “The New Topics adding up. “It will be too long to post so many number of posts on the side. You can “Click and see all The older Topics” “Under “ARCHIVES” and “Under CATERGORIES” Try “To Move around the site and find. “That is also “Part of Educating Yourself further”. So far I have Not seen any other site post so much clearly. Happy Reading ❤

What I am doing is, “Taken the Therapists Voices with me and have been Moving forward Telling My Own Journey in Helping Others to have “Faith, Hope and to Heal” and Lead a Life of Good Health, Happiness and Joy in this Post, and if You click on this Link in Green You can read this Post: The Therapists Voice Forward!

The coloured Topics in Green, if you “Click” on them “Will take you to My other different posts, which you will be able to find more information and even Pronunciation”. The other website is The Personal website with “My own little Poems and Pictures of some of My Hobbies” if you are interested on seeing, “What I am doing” during my free time you can have a look at that website: ❤

“It is all free”. You can “Down load. Take print outs, share and pass it on also for others  I hope All those Read will be able to make the maximum use of all these facts and make, “Your Lives More Healthy and able to Lead Better lives in Happiness and Peace”. I wish it to be so as, ”Peace which is our Ultimate Goal in Life”. Lots of Love and Hugs from Me ❤ 🙂 ❤

Z 10aa
Thanking for the picture quotes shared from the I net and written Quote by me ❤

Many Blessings of Love, Light and Healing Energies coming your way ❤

May God’s Blessings Be Upon You All ❤

Deepa 100Deepa Nilamani 🙂

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