Stats Are Booming ~1!

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Hope all of you are keeping well and enjoy reading and also learning new facts from all what I am writing and posting. And also, finding new information by yourselves too. This is what is going in my Blog at the moment for “All of You” to know, who are reading from “All over The World”. I thought of letting you all know “The response To ~” 🙂

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Please make note if some countries are missing, that, “These Figures change, “All The Time ~ as Statistics are “UPDATED” every 30 minutes. And even the “Followers can Go Up or Down ~ as some will only Like some Articles” 🙂

Stats for 30 days ending November 10, 2020 (Summarized)


  • Views Country

    339 United States
    181 Australia
    62 India
    44 Pakistan
    37 Sri Lanka
    34 South Africa
    32 Philippines
    31 Canada
    22 United Kingdom
    18 Saudi Arabia
    8 Malaysia
    6 Germany
    4 Turkey
    4 Netherlands
    4 Romania
    4 Italy
    4 Russia
    3 Indonesia
    3 France
    3 Singapore
    3 Belgium
    2 Austria
    2 Iraq
    2 Kenya
    2 United Arab Emirates
    2 Sweden
    2 Bangladesh
    2 Hong Kong SAR China
    2 Nigeria
    2 China
    2 Poland
    1 Finland
    1 Cyprus
    1 Ghana
    1 Ukraine
    1 Japan
    1 Ecuador
    1 Sierra Leone
    1 Switzerland
    1 European Union
    1 Norway
    1 South Korea
    1 Egypt
    1 South Sudan
    1 Lithuania
    1 Denmark
    1 Myanmar (Burma)
    1 Qatar
    1 Mexico
    1 Trinidad & Tobago
    1 St. Lucia
    1 Jamaica
    1 Fiji
    1 Peru
    1 Thailand
    1 Lebanon
    1 Jordan

Stats for 7 days ending November 10, 2020 (Summarized)


  • ViewsCountry
  • 139 United States
  • 32 Australia
  • 13 Philippines
  • 9 India
  • 6 Ireland
  • 5 United Kingdom
  • 4 Kenya
  • 4 Nigeria
  • 3 South Africa
  • 3 Canada
  • 3 Costa Rica
  • 2 Nepal
  • 2 United Arab Emirates
  • 2 Germany
  • 2 Brazil
  • 1 Singapore
  • 1 Romania
  • 1Bhutan
  • 1Colombia
  • 1Ghana
  • 1Hungary
  • 1Switzerland
  • 1Lithuania
  • 1Taiwan
  • 1Malaysia
  • 1Zimbabwe
  • 1Turkey
  • 1Finland
  • 1Austria
  • 1Pakistan
  • 1Indonesia

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