The Power of Hand Writing!

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Writing 12Hope all of you are keeping well and happy. Today I thought of  Writing about the value of writing by hand. As in this increasing digital age, so many have, and are turning to type and swipe, on the computers, laptops, I pads and phones than using pencils or pens to write by hand. In my case I do use all that but, have always liked to write by pens and pencils too from my school days, and still continue to write using my various pens to write. How many of you still still love Writing by hand?

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A study in psychological science has been found that students who take down notes by hand, rather than by laptops are better able to remember and grasp the subject. This is because when we are Writing by hand we tend to concentrate and write slowly, be more selective, rephrase and summarise, and choose the most important information, to include in the notes. This makes the brain works more efficiently and we are able to understand the content clearly and memorize better 🙂

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The studies with small kindergarten children also showed that, those who learnt the alphabet by Writing exercises, learnt it faster and better than those learning from the key board system. On the whole children both young and old, acquired a better understanding of the language, and were better able to express more ideas with a multitude of  Words !

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Writing  journaling are excellent ways for understanding and recovering from stress and Trauma ! In my opinion, the best way to put the mind in order is writing out what is going on in the mind. Typing out also yes but, “Writing  by hand puts in that extra effort and forces out something from inside of you, that cannot really happen from typing” As the hand yields to the emotions inside of you, and helps better to let go or organize your self in a much better way ❤W 4aa
Evidence from new research show the psychological benefits of handwriting. How those who wrote by hand, were more likely to find relief from anxiety, fear and worry than those tapping on a computer. It also shows that jotting down our thoughts and feelings not only help people understand and recover from stress and Healing ~ Trauma ! but also help those with conditions such as asthma and arthritis, those recovering from surgery and issues that are difficult to overcome!

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Some who rarely or never use handwriting as an outlet to express themselves, need to know that journaling is so helpful in clarifying one’s way of thinking and doing things in life in higher standards ❤

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Writing by hand is a very personal and creative experience. I know as I am very fond of writing by hand. It helps one to be more aware of what is going on in the mind and helps the mind to stay in balance, healthy and happy. So why don’t you try too? If by now if you have not tried?

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I hope you found some new information from what I have written. It’s an article of my knowledge and also from many sources from what I read, that I have written for your benefit. “I hope You add more in Your Future so that You Enhance Your Knowledge to Move on to Higher Wave Lengths and Live in Happiness and Peace which is our Ultimate Goal in Life ❤

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    1. How wonderful to know that my article is going to help your kids to write their Bibles verses. What a Blessings. The very thing I intend doing on my Blog, to Inspire, Motivate and Guide. What my doctor said to me recently too, that if I help even one person to do better, I would be very much Blessed.Thank you so much for reading, appreciating and making use of it. May God Bless you All 🙂 ❤


  1. In 2016 I gave myself a writing assignment. Some days a page, some days two, sometimes nothing for a week and return writing several pages and so on. I hand wrote the entire New Testament of the Bible. I am much closer now.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Its so wonderful that you have written what you have been doing. Its such a great thing when others write about their ways of doing things, those who read learn from them and find new ideas and knowledge. Many Blessings from me 🙂


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