Revision In Pictures 7 ~ Nature!

Hello To All My Dear Readers ❤

I Hope that all of you are in Good Health. Try to be as “Relaxed and Calm” as possible and maintain “A Positive Attitude as often as You can. Continuing the revision Series. I am going to write on Value and about “Nature” Try to give a Good Post on it, in pictures as much as possible. It will be good to just go through some pictures and Light reading 🙂

Nature, in the broadest sense, is the natural, physical, material world or universe. “Nature” can refer to the physical world, and also to life in general. The study of nature is a large, if not the only, part of science: Nature – Wikipedia

We are part of mother nature. So the best way to reduce stress is to reconnect with mother nature, relax and calm your Mind and Body. This is if you are comfortable walking among trees and plants especially in the woods, where its completely free of other disturbances and you can be totally immersed in the natural surroundings. When you can find a nice quiet place, you can be at peace. You hear the sounds of nature and then you hear yourself. As its in the silence that you hear your inner voice. What you really want in life. Your heart desires ❤

The reason we can relax best in nature is, because its full of greenery. Colour Green is soothing to the eyes. Its a colour that balances the energies of the body and helps the mind to calm down. In fact my favourite colour is green and I love plants and nature 🙂

Sometimes it may be not possible to find trees and parks or natural surrounding itself to walk around. Still there are other places where you get buildings and houses only that you can still connect and relax. See this post 🙂

Earthing or Grounding:

Most of the time the reason we get stressed is because, we are in a hurry. We try to run against time. Its true that we cannot sit and wait things to come to us, but after we have done our best, we need to have patience until things happen or change the way we want them to. In the natural surroundings, the flowing of the water, the rustle of the leaves and the moving of the trees are all soothing sounds to the ears. That’s natural music that can relax and lull you to sleep peacefully 🙂

I am sure almost all of you are aware, other than the vast sky above all around is the colour green as the world is usually full of trees and plants. But sadly man has been cutting down without much respect or consideration to the environment that our environment has got quite restricted in some places for the animals and polluted, not only in countries that are over populated but in lot of places almost all over the world. Again life does balance too as from another side, some are growing in their own gardens, and lands, and having roof top gardens even for business purposes growing vegetables, fruits and herbs and many other things!

This is something that I found, I am sharing for further knowledge. It is called, “Forest Bathing. Where You must walk silently, Sit or Meditate or Just Relax quietly lying down even. If you don’t have a garden you can go to a park or any place that is quiet and peaceful. At this time, “You” can watch this Beautiful video and imaging yourself walking, or even watching and listening to the sounds and “Relax” Until, you can walk by yourself, with your partner, or with your friends and family, and enjoy ❤

Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds – Waterfall HD – YouTube

Make Note: That I am yet to post this video. It is all about people walking, sitting quietly and relaxing in a big space that has trees plants and flowers. Until I am able to post it, It is included in this post if you click the Link: The Benefits of Nature!

Nature plays a very big part in our Healing. You are able to Relax naturally and stress goes away too. You Reconnect to Mother Nature. You are able to breath clean air absorb natural light and soft sounds to sooth your self. Its almost like Music to lull you to calm yourself 🙂

Now Go out in Nature and Breath some Fresh Air. Let Go of any stress if You have and Relax. And Thank You for Reading 🙂

Hope You like what I have written and Pictures I have posted. And learnt some new things about Nature? You can ask Questions if there are things You need to know or even know better and Comments in the comment Box Below, “Even if You have a website, Facebook or not. Its always good when others show how they feel to know to do better next time ❤

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I am Moving on as usual with “My Own Journey of Wellness, Encouraging and Healing” So that Everyone to have “Faith, Hope and to Heal” To Lead a Better Life of Good Health, Happiness and Joy”. If you click on the Link You can Read This Post: The Therapists Voice Forward!

I have “My Personal Website” with “My own little Poems, Hobbies and Pictures if You click on this Link You can go there and read :

It is all free”. You can share and pass it on also for others who can benefit from this post. I hope All those who Read will be able to make the maximum use of all these facts and make, “Your Lives More Healthy and able to Lead Better lives in Happiness and Peace”. I wish it to be so as, ”Peace which is our Ultimate Goal in Life ❤

Thanking The I net, and for The Other sites for the Pictures I have taken and Free Online Image Editor ( for the picture Quotes I have done Myself ❤

Many Blessings of Love, Light and Healing Energies Coming Your Way ❤

May God’s Blessings Be Upon You ❤

Deepa Nilamani 🙂

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