Health Benefits of Dancing ~ 1!

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I have been wanting to write about the benefits of Dancing for a long time. As it is described as the “Best method of Relaxing and getting over stress” Because you Dance with Music and almost all of your mind is on the feeling of Moving to nice Music. “Dance is the most fundamental of all art forms. Dance is a Physical and Mental workout. Dance Stimulates the Mind and Body. It’s proven to increase Cognitive strengths and helps to have good health. That is the Miracle of Dance” 🙂

Dance 2a
Dance Its a form of Exercising also Once you get your body moving  Although the picture Quotes say for children, “They are the same for adults” also as you can see. Until I write about them, I thought of posting the picture quotes and a “Beautiful video of Dancing the Waltz” might be a good distraction at this time, “As all are having to stay at home, and even if you do or do not Dance yourself, “It is so enjoyable to watch and Relax” I do Hope you all find this article Educative as well as Enjoyable 🙂

Dance 7a

So You want to Reduce Stress “Dance Does That~ It’s called a “Happy Dance” for a reason. Dancing is fun, energizing and effective way to “Relieve stress and anxiety. Just one Lively Dance session can lower negative feelings and get you to feel Relaxed and Positive” Partner Dancing supposed to make you have stronger social bonds and be mentally healthy But what I myself know is to Dance by Yourself or do movement according to music gets you well exercised and leave you in a good mood 🙂

Dance 6a
5 Benefits of Dance Education for Adults and Children Both:
1) Mind and Body Awareness: Dance helps awareness of Your Own body Movements and how to make the Mind Think of Your Body Movements, this is how You put Your Mind Think of the movements as “You need to Think of moving according to music and then you forget about others things and completely Relax”.
2) Emotional Health: Through The Art of Dance You Are able to Express Yourself – Your Creativity – meaning How You want to make your own movements freely, be it you or even sitting and swaying to and fro, as just by watching also supposed to give a quite an amount of Relaxation as Your Mind is Looking and Listening to The Music”

Dance 1a

3) Academic Success: Dancing is supposed to “Help in improve Your memory. So naturally “If it helps to Relax then You reduce your stress and makes you feel good and then You are able to Think Clearly and understand better”.
4) Physical Health: As Dance makes to be aware of your movements, The Mind gets used to Think or concentrate better and also you Exercise and gets your Happy Hormones More and also helps you to eat better and gets your weight down and have a better figure 🙂
5) Socialization: This all depends on if you want to go out and meet people and find friends or if you are a person, who likes more to have a few of your own friends and comfortable in your own homes.

Dance 5a

1) I have fun.
2) I learn to see details.
3) My self confidence grows.
4) I become stronger and more flexible.
5) I improve my social and creative skills.
6) With dance I develop my concentration.
7) My improvisation and perseverance skills evolve.
8) With dance I train my musical ear, and ability to remember.

Below is a Beautiful Dance ~ A Waltz ~ Come Waltz With Me sung by Demis Roussos. Enjoy 🙂

I hope You like what I have posted There is another post on Dancing that I have done after this: Health Benefits of Dancing ~ 2!

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4 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Dancing ~ 1!

  1. Oh, dancing is so freeing and really does put you into some different zone of pure bliss! I remember country dancing in my primary school and although I already felt happy at school, it was like zoning out and into somewhere so magical. Dancing can really connect you with your spirit and heart. I only wish I’d continued it. My secondary school had no dance lessons except for some strange two lessons in ‘modern dance’ in PE which consisted of walking and doing some strange movements that didn’t feel like dancing at all 😮

    Good to hear you are well and I hope you continue on your positive and happy journey ❤ Sorry I haven't been as active a reader as I wanted to be recently. I will be reading more of your blog in future and going over old posts to help improve myself further (recent times had led to some ups and downs health-wise). Take good care and have a lovely weekend! ❤ 🙂

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    1. Thank You for reading and encouraging me with such a long description. Helps me in further writing as then I know some other’s views too. You can still dance, even at an older age, a slow Dance movements and build up your strength. All the better if you have a partner or a friend who could join in with you, or do some movements alone like exercising too at your own pace. So good to hear from you, keeps the Blog alive and interesting. Sending Many Blessings of Love, Light and Healing Energies Your way, for Good Health and Happiness. Have a Lovely week end yourself ❤ ❤ ❤

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