Writer’s Block?

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As you all can see, I have taken a long time to write an article since the last one, End of A Very Long Journey ! This is mainly because after that end, I still had not found any, New Beginnings ! to write about. As always a beginning has to follow an end. Not knowing how to start writing again, I have looked in to this topic about, “The writer’s block”. These are what I came across!

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There seems to be many different views by different people. Some do apply to most or or some of us, and maybe some of you also may come across these sometimes ?

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I found it an interesting topic and decided to write, as somehow I wanted to get back in to writing, and this is one of the advice I found, and hopefully this will help me to be posting articles here again 😛block-4I guess almost all of you are aware that when we write, we have to concentrate to find words in order to write. As I wrote at the beginning, nothing new has happened to me to write about. No one has asked any questions nor given any suggestions either. And as I have found out, “There is that specific time for writing. And also suddenly certain Topics, and Ideas comes up one after the other, that I cannot decide what to write next. And then I go and ask, “What My Readers what They Like me to write next. But see “They have so many ideas, “I find I don’t know what to do next!

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From what I have read and know, we all need a rest from our usual routine to relax and refresh as well as find new and fresh ideas. So it is for writing as I have found in this quote which says what to do and what not to do. But it Does NOT apply for Everyone!

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I am more on to the way of a perfectionist and this also is a reason that sometimes I take my own time to do things, as what ever I do, I want it to be that perfect piece of work, so writing also comes under that. I wonder how many of you share this trait with me ?

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Although it is mentioned as a block, somehow, I have managed to write an Article about, “The writer’s Block itself”. Yes it does become quiet to think of what to write and then it has comes back suddenly. I thought of this topic that encouraged me to write again which is quite Surprising. But then I found that because, I wanted to write perfectly well also in a way, that delayed me from writing. But again sometimes when we work too much, we do become tired and needs to take enough, “Rest” to Refresh and write again!

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Then do we always become successful and popular writers?  Or do we write because we like to write, to put forth our ideas that flood into out minds. I am not sure if I should say we. But this applies to me, as I don’t earn anything from writing here, and sometimes there is not too much of a response but yet I go on writing, because I like to write. I hope those of you read will give, some of your ideas or views on this? I found this on the I net from another site. Don’t you think it is funny. It says stop the clock 😀

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I hope you all enjoyed reading this article and share the same views with me, or anything new you can contribute? For more information on writing, you can also look up my other article: All About Writing !

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May God’s Blessings Be Upon You ❤

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4 thoughts on “Writer’s Block?

  1. I write when my mind is full with a certain subject. I mostly write about God. When Im reading the Bible, sometimes a verse or two gets me thinking, so I’ll write about that. When I learn something new about myself or God, I like to share that. I also ask God for guidance.

    I know you were writing sbout your health, but maybe you could branch out into something new. I love reading about people’s childhoods. I’d be interested in what cities you have lived in and seeing pictures. You could write about what books you are reading and share what they mean to you.

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    1. Long time ago, You wrote this. Since then I have, “Started to write on different Topics”. Unknown to me what is going on now, I started an Article on “Doing A Collage or a Vision Board” and according to the Current situation of staying or working more at home” these Topics I believe has come in very useful 🙂
      How are you “BelleUnruh” Since then I have been able to Receive “The Gift of Healing Hands” and I do Hope You have been getting some Energy to your hands for Good Health? I am sure You have. In the mean time sending Many Blessings of Love Light and Healing Energies Your Way, with All My Love ❤ ❤ ❤


      1. Hi Deepanilamani, I am well, thank you. No one in my family here in Canada has gotten the virus yet. But my sister in Washington, State, USA did get it and was sick for a week. She is all well now. I’m so glad you are writing! That’s great. Since I wrote this, I have had trouble with my eyes. I started seeing double and had to get glasses with prisms in them. I try not to read much on the internet as it strains my eyes, so I don’t read blogs anymore. I mostly listen to podcasts. I enjoy them very much, especially the Christian ones. It is nice to pray along with some of the people or listen to them teach about God.

        I am looking after my mother, who lives with us. She is 92 now. She is dying of heart trouble. She doesn’t want to get out of bed very often. But she is not in terrible pain. I’m thankful for that. She is looking forward to seeing God when she goes to heaven. She was a good mother to me. I’m thankful I have her with me these past 3 or 4 years.

        God bless you also. May you find shelter and help under his wings, like it says in Psalms.

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  2. Thank you very much for liking my article and letting me know your views. I very grateful for your appreciation and encouragement. I too believe and have immense faith in God, and yes I too request for his Guidance, Protection and Blessings daily when I pray. I am blessed with not only God’s Guidance but also with Healing Energy that I have been able to heal myself and able to write on my websites confidently 🙂
    I will take up your suggestions and think of writing other articles on different topics. I have written on many different issues like, “Value of Prayers”, “All about Writing”, “How To Change Your Luck” if you care to look into the archived articles. Actually I have branched to another site for relaxation, beginning with writing some of my own poems. This is my personal website for that: https://deepanilamani.com/ you can have a look in to what I have written.Thanks again for your contribution. Much Love and Light from me and May God Bless you 🙂 ❤


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