New Changes!

Hello To All My Dear Readers ❤

Hope all of you are well. I have not been here for a while, as I have been busy writing some other articles. So I am sorry I have not been visiting some of your blogs too. I am re-writing this article as so many have missed the old articles. We are all aware in life everyday is not the same. We keep on changing and moving ahead. Even if we do not want to change, we do grow by the day and changes happens, as well as the whole environment changes around us. That is the norm of life. With that there comes challenges over and over again for us to learn how to face and overcome them, to become stronger and wiser to move on in life to the next level 🙂

A 2
Once you have overcome a challenge or challenges, you need to learn from them and organize yourself, to make sure the same things do not cause problems again. For this you need to, “Change” the things and people that do not work for you anymore. What it means mostly is, changing and adjusting to those people and situations that you have to live in, to fit in better. Changing is a process. Not only us it happens to animals too. Like reptiles, they too shed their whole length of outer skin from time to time. The eagle sheds all its feathers after 40 years to renews it self for another 30 years. Then why is this, Change become such a difficult process?

Change 2As in Nature, there is always, “A Time for everything”. When people try to change  anything before they are ready only, it becomes difficult” So there is always a, “Time to change” if not it is difficult. But sometimes so happens in life, we do have to change, as we need to move on and there s no need to hold on. And once you accept life becomes much easier and pleasant. As you have less people and things to trouble you unnecessarily!!!

A 12a

Then how to make life a little easier for us, living in this complicated world? Well the most important word that comes in is, “To be prepared to change” When we know our work is done and we have to move on. But it is the reality. When people have outgrown you means they have changed their vibrations, hence some of their personality and their energies. So they no longer able to fit in with the same people and doing the same things. All that belongs to another era, which is called by the name, “The Past”!

A 4
Even if it is for the good for us and is very difficult, but sometimes once we do the relief is great. By changing the past you make room for the new to come in, that will ultimately lead you to new places and people whom you fit in better and belong with, to lead much satisfied and happier and fulfilled life 🙂

Energy 3

Hope you enjoyed reading what I have written, and learnt something to help in your life or even someone else’s life. Knowledge is like ripples that travels over and across lands and seas all over the world bringing everyone closer to share and learn from each other. It is for us to learn how change and letting go helps us to move on to a better level in life. Enjoy 🙂

Latest Update 6th March 2020: Up to date with the Birthday article 111th and The Introductory page: Who I am & Why I am Writing! I have published 112 posts on This Website. I am in Good Health and as, “I have been able to, “Receive Healing Energy in to My Hands” since “Beginning of 2016” I have become “Very Positive” I have to be isn’t it? It is not something that I can buy. All my Hard work and Praying has been rewarded. “Not only for me but ” Healing Energy can go to others where ever it is needed to be received with a Loving Kindness” even You ❤

So I have had to edit and update all my posts naturally as, This is “A New Chapter and A New Beginning” I am Moving on. I have learnt lot of New Things and Still Learning. Upgrading Myself to A New Wave Length. A New Chapter in My Life and I Wish so for You also. Please click this Link which will take You to The Birthday Post Birthday!❤

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Thank You for Reading what I have written ❤ Lots of Love and Hugs from Me ❤

Z 10aa

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Many Blessings of Love, Light and Healing Energies coming Your way ❤

May God’s Blessings Be Upon You <

Deepa 1Deepa Nilamani 🙂

2 thoughts on “New Changes!

  1. I certainly needed to read this today. I have found it hard to let go of things, especially found myself being in the same situation again which is tough as I know there is a lesson to be learned and in my current case I believe it is to be more resilient and less rigid with everything- essentially to ‘go with the flow’, lol. Thank you, I will keep all this in mind and I do have some people I would like to pass this onto ❤ 🙂

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    1. I am so glad you find this useful. Although we are aware of most of these facts, when suddenly we see a post or read an article or even hear someone else say it, we are reminded again to reinforce what we have to do. Just like physical cleansing as human beings we need to be reminded and to do the same things over and over again until we come to that stage of near perfection. All this take time. Happy Letting Go 🙂 ❤

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