My Mission Stigma ~ 2!

Hello To All My Dear Readers ❤

I hope as usual all of you are keeping in Good Health as much as possible. Now that I have started My Mission, “Working towards Mental Wellness openly. “Because I Care Very Much for The Good Health and to Work to Prevent Stigma and Discrimination” ❤

“I feel I will be getting more opportunities in the future to work in Other ways to spread My Knowledge and Experiences” At this time I don’t exactly know how and when, “So I am going to Publish this post and “Keep to fill up at a later date” 🙂

12th October 2021: So far I have not seen any new ventures. So want to move on. Still have the balance decluttering bits and tidying and arranging the house, with what is there and also with Spring, needs are changing. The shops have put out Christmas trees and still putting things out everything thing to do with Christmas. So giving a break to writing here (unless there is a Topic I come across or A need” and getting on with finishing up with arranging the house and also getting ready for Christmas. They are not expensive things as I believe its a “Time of giving and Sharing” as especially now Things people need are even more with the on going Health issues!

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