Therapy ~ Being Strong!

Hello To All My Readers, Followers and Blogging Friends ❤

I hope as usual all of you are keeping in Good Health as much as possible. Now that I have started My Mission, “Working towards Mental Wellness openly, I have pasted Stickers on my Little Car also 🙂

After writing about “I Care” I am writing about Being Strong, I have written an article some time back, You are Stronger than You Think! These are “The latest pens I have got to” Distribute Free with the Website Cards ❤

With so much happening with “The current Health issue” Not only of Mental Wellness” But all around I thought going further and “Encouraging and Motivating To Be Stronger Is Very Important” They have come out Beautifully. All of you can down load the pictures “Its only the pens I cannot give”!

From Time to Time there can be There are lots of changes and challenges around our lives. See the present “Health Issues” There are forces around that we can deal with, but then without facing them with Strength, Sometimes, “We allow them to influence our lives too much”! This is because we have not realized how Strong our minds are. So by believing that these will be able to make our lives successful or unsuccessful, we “Allow them to Control our lives instead of us taking the upper hand and become the Masters and become Independent of all these forces that try to influence us”!

Any time something like this happens, “you need to discuss with your closest, and that is your family members, as they are the people whom you come across almost daily, and the most important people that need to know what is going on with you, as otherwise they will not know how to support you. The thing is sometimes how ever much you have people around you, they may not know, nor will some really understand what you are going through. Or sometimes  it can be that, the very ones who should be “Caring and supporting you will get upset themselves and might be not able to help you to heal”. At these times see if you can find “A Friend, even an outsider who Understand” You and “Now You can reach me on the I net ❤

Know That, “It MATTERS to ME that YOU become “Well and I CARE” ❤ and it “Hurts me to Feel that you feel hurt or sad”. I know how it hurts when people are unkind or cruel. And sometimes things do not work the way you want. “DO NOT GIVE UP IN ANYWAY” or try to do things that will harm your Health in anyway. Know that You can Heal. It is in this post: Healing ~ Taking Full Responsibility !

“Be Strong” and some how “HOLD ON” and “TALK” to someone who can be Kind and Listen To You. You Know that although I don’t know you personally, as I have developed, “My Third Eye”. My senses are VERY STRONG and I might FEEL that someone is in NEED and Healing Energy can Travel to You ❤
Thoughts can Travel Long Distance and also “HEALING ENERGY” which is, The “GIFT that I have got by “Working Very Hard for Years, Giving, Sharing and Praying Very Hard with Dedication and Sacrifice: “Prayer energy which also can be called Healing Energy” can travel far and wide to distant places too. If You click this link You can go to another of My Posts Explaining about Energy. Its not possible to cover everything in one post as well it can be too much to Read Understand and Take in: Energy Healing!

Counselling is Not just for people who have a problem. It can be for, “Advice for some studies or a job or any other personal matter to get the “Best Advice Possible from those who are Qualified and have Better Knowledge and Understanding”!

I Hope all these will Be Helpful at times when your feel You need some Strength . Because, “Think this way” ❤

Trust me, if you can listen to some uplifting music, (as doing other things might too much for you, at certain times). it really helps, it does for me ❤

If you can listen a little loud all the better, but of course it might be you have to listen through the headphones, not to disturb the others, I do Love Music and when I am listening I listen through the headphones, if you like to dance or do some movements even sitting and watching can Help to Relax and Distract ❤

Latest Update: 1st March 2022. This is “The 177th Post” and with the “Introductory Page this will be all in Total up to date, 178th posts. On Top Right Hand side you are able to see: The word “Menu” when you click on it, You will see will see The word “Home” All the posts from “The Very Beginning comes ~ Under “Home”. Which is The Introductory Page about: Who I am & Why I am Writing!

I am in Good Health and as, “I have been able to, “Receive Healing Energy in to My Hands” since “Beginning of 2016” All my Hard work and Praying has been rewarded. Healing Energy can go to others too, and where ever it is needed to be received with a Clear Mind and Lot of Loving Kindness.

Note: There is a change: The Topics from The very beginning up to 152 is, Posts That Has Been Published ~ 1! and “The 2nd Lot is being added to the: Posts That Has Been Published ~ 2!

Also: “On The Left Hand side “Under the, “Recent Posts” with “The New Topics adding up. “It will be too long to post so many number of posts on the side. You can also “Click and see all The older Topics” Under “Archives and Categories”. Make Note: “Archives” and “Meta” Which has been repeated, some change of format at the moment and I am unable to change!

I am Moving on as usual with “My Own Journey of Wellness, Encouraging and Healing” So that Everyone can have “Faith, Hope and to Heal” To Lead a Better Life of Good Health, Happiness and Joy”. If you click on the Link You can Read This Post: The Therapists Voice Forward!

The Topics in Green, if you “Click” on them “Will take you to My other different posts which you will be able to find more information and even Pronunciation”. I have another website with “My own little Poems and Pictures of some of My Hobbies” if you are interested on seeing, “What else I am doing” during my spare time you can have a look at :

As always, It is all free”. You can share and pass it on also for others who can benefit from this post. I hope All those who Read will be able to make the maximum use of all these facts and make, “Your Lives More Healthy and able to Lead Better lives in Happiness and Peace”. I wish it to be so as, ”Peace which is our Ultimate Goal in Life ❤


Latest Update Congrats! I am My Path! is getting noticed. 328 other websites have started receiving updates. Well websites are adding up even more than the “E mail followers. I don’t know how, “But it is really “Encouraging me and Making me feel “Fully satisfied and worth the expense, Effort and Time I put in, that more people are interested in what I write and post as, “I am Not aware most who is reading exactly (unless someone comment underneath) or who are these Readers and from which Country even”!

Thanking for the “Website cards Stickers and Pens” I have got done, for the picture Quotes I have done through it ❤

Sending Love, Light and Healing Energies to All ❤

May God’s Blessings Be Upon You ❤

Deepa Nilamani ❤

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