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Hope All of You are keeping in Good Health as much as possible. “Keeping yourself Positive and Motivated as Best as possible in these times” of Health issues and other various issues of difficulties in Life. I have been writing about Various ways of Therapies to Become Well” and to be able to Lead a Good Life” in spite of All these ups and Downs. And now it is making use of almost All, “A Very important Topic How to be in Control of Your Life” and then it is about Patience” which makes it Possible and to have Faith also!

Before going on with the post, I am Celebrating “The 7th Year on this Blog” and looking back I see how much I have learnt and also, all of you, “My Followers and Readers” have advanced yourselves over this period. One thing what we all can do is to, “Learn and further Advance our knowledge as we move forward. Thanking All he Readers and The Websites “For Liking and Reading and commenting” and Appreciating All what I write and post ❤

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Patience (or forbearance) is the ability to endure difficult circumstances. Patience may involve perseverance (persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success) in the face of delay; tolerance without responding in disrespect when under strain, especially when faced with longer-term difficulties, or being able to wait for a long amount of time without getting irritated or bored. Patience is the character trait of being steadfast.

Patience leads to movement and action. Patient people aren’t still. They also haven’t given up, nor are they isolated from reality. On the contrary, the power of patience allows you to save your energy for action. It lets you tap into your intuition so you can better understand when the best time to act is.

Training yourself to be more patient isn’t easy. But if you do your part to develop a more positive and trusting attitude, you’ll be able to deal with stress and set your sights on your own well-being.

It seems to have differing opinions on whether patience is a learned behavior pattern or an innate trait that some people are born with. Whatever the case may be, one thing is clear: Sometimes things make us want immediate results. That’s why it’s difficult to wait for things. People end up feeling impatient when they realize that things aren’t under their control.

A basic, yet effective strategy to regulate these emotions is to develop patience. It’s important to understand that cultivating patience isn’t an easy task. That’s because the brain becomes used to certain thought patterns. If you introduce your brain to a more calm and optimistic approach, it’ll display some resistance. However, it’s possible to cultivate patience.

Studies revealed that, in certain cultures, patience is more meaningful to people due to a very concrete psychological function: self-regulation.

  • Self-regulation is, above all, self-control. In other words, it’s the ability that allows you to manage yourself and your reactions to pressure and outside events.
  • The approaches to working on self-regulation require you to develop the following characteristics:

We have to clarify some ideas about patience. People often understand patience in the wrong way and relate it to passivity, resignation, or the simple ability to wait for something. To get a clearer picture of what it really means, let’s take a look at the pillars of patience. These are characteristics that you should start developing today:

  • Patience is freedom. It’s an emotionally liberating practice that teaches you to wait, observe, and know when to act.
  • Patience is compassion. This aspect of patience implies being respectful to yourself. You shouldn’t be hard on yourself just because you aren’t able to do things the way you expected. You have to help yourself, value yourself, and learn to be your own best ally.
  • Trust and optimism are the seeds of effective patience. Patience implies a certain amount of trust in inertia. You have to believe that things will happen at the right time on their own. Having a mind that goes faster than life itself is useless if everything important

 Patience is concentrated strength. It’s also a virtue people who have learned to manage their emotions and thoughts have. These people know that everything has its moment. Sometimes we try to rush through life when it really needs to be enjoyed and appreciated slowly. Relax, slow down, feel confident that you’re moving in the right direction, and rely on the power of patience.

I hope you enjoyed “All what I have written about Being Patient”. The Journey and of All The pictures Quotes As usual I have taken a “Lot of Time and effort to “Do Reference, find Good and Different Pictures from “The I net, Books and Magazines for Useful Ideas and of course “My Knowledge and Experiences. Thanking You All for Reading. I am Moving on as usual with “My Own Journey of Wellness, Encouraging and Healing” So that Everyone can have “Faith, Hope and to Heal” To Lead a Better Life of Good Health, Happiness and Joy”. If you click on the Link, you can Read This Post: The Therapists Voice Forward!

Latest Update: 10th of September 2022. This is “The 200th Post” and with the “Introductory Page this will be all in Total up to date, 201st posts. On Top Right-Hand side, you are able to see: The word “Menu” when you click on it, you will see the word “Home” All the posts from “The Very Beginning comes ~ Under “Home”. Which is The Introductory Page about: Who I am & Why I am Writing!

I am in Good Health and as, “I have been able to, “Receive Healing Energy into My Hands” since “Beginning of 2016” All my Hard work and Praying has been rewarded. Healing Energy can go to others too, and wherever it is needed to be received with a Clear Mind and Lot of Loving Kindness ❤

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As always, it is all free”. You can share and pass it on also for others who can benefit from this post. I hope All those who Read will be able to make the maximum use of all these facts and make, “Your Lives More Healthy and able to Lead Better lives in Happiness and Peace”. I wish it to be so as,” Peace which is our Ultimate Goal in Life ❤

Thanking, “The I net for the Websites I have taken the Information” the “Picture quotes I have shared” and to for the Quotes I have done Myself ❤

Sending Love, Light and Healing Energies to All ❤

May God’s Blessings Be Upon You ❤

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