How To Change Your Luck !

Hello To All My Dear Readers 🙂

Hope all of you enjoy reading my articles. I am writing this topic, to enlighten someone about luck. What exactly is Luck ? Luck is to take charge of your actions into your hands. We have to work hard to become successful. Many consider doing well, having money, being successful is to be Lucky. But is it just something called Luck ?


Sometimes when we are unable to do well in life and when we lose we feel we are unlucky. Then we have to look at how we are going about in our day to day life. Our studies, our jobs, our homes what ever that we are involved in. If we are not doing well that means we are not doing something right and we have to make changes, meaning changes, improvements for the better 🙂


Be it what ever you call it, Fate, Destiny or Luck we are all given talents, gifts, abilities and disabilities the almost the same way. Of course as always there are exceptions. And its up to us to make use of them as best as possible to become successful in life !!!


“How we make use of them, Determines Our Luck” !!!


The more we work towards changing our luck, the more we take charge of our lives.  And we become positive, we feel good about ourselves and get less angry. We become secure and strong. This leads to a healthier life 🙂


Making changes for the better, makes you feel better and you begin to like yourself better. When you begin to like yourself and feel positive you begin to do more and more things in better ways and life improves. Starting with small changes leads to bigger changes. And suddenly Life has changed for the better. That means, “You have Changed Your Luck” 😀

Hope all of you like what I have written, and will make those changes to make your life better and change your Luck. I wish You All The Very Best. Thank you for reading 🙂

Many Blessings of Love, Light and Healing Energies from me to you ❤

Deepa Nilamani ❤


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