Lotus Flower!

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Hope all of you are keeping in Good Health? “You need to be with my Hands having Healing Energies for Good Health, what ever faith is”. If not I Hope and Wish All of you to receive them. With so much of Health issues and restrictions I thought it is a good time to write about the lotus flower. A flower I like very much and you all will like to read about it. A light topic and not so much of serious reading. In History, it is taken as one of the most spiritual flowers on Earth. The symbolism of the lotus flower dates back thousands of years. An important symbol in many different cultures, Lotus flowers are one of the most prominent tokens in Eastern cultures. In Hinduism and Buddhism, they’re considered as the most sacred flower. Lotus flowers are beautiful flowers that are commonly associated with purity, inner strength, tranquility, prosperity, and beauty ❤

It is often called a water lily. Their seeds can survive for thousands of years without water. They have a strong will to survive. It’s used in food, medicine, art, and so much more. The most common use for a lotus is ornamental. However, the roots are sweet and fragrant as well as rich in starch and vitamins. You can eat them raw, cooked into soups, brewed into teas, blended into salads, dried, preserved, and even powdered. Other parts of the lotus plant are also edible. They will grow in most soils and in most environments, so long as they have mud or water, and as long as they can float. In fact, they contain little air spaces in their leaves to ensure buoyancy (To be able to float. Something to float in water or other fluid) and long stems to tie them to the mud. Other uses for lotus flower roots, petals, nuts, and seeds include:
Environmentally friendly packaging material
Raw material for textiles
With all its uses, the lotus isn’t seen too frequently in the western world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow it.

Lotus in Jewelry and Fashion

Today the lotus remains one of the most popular symbols in jewelry and fashion. It’s often used in pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings, or simply kept as a charm. The image can be stylized and represented in many ways, including as an open bloom or a closed bud.

Lotus jewelry also makes a great gift ideas:

  • As a gift to someone coming of age, it’s a reminder to stay grounded and true to oneself, while ever striving upwards.
  • For someone going through a difficult period in their life, the lotus is a symbol of overcoming adversity and hardship, while still keeping one’s spirit intact.
  • The lotus symbol is also popular in clothing. Because the symbol doesn’t belong to any one group or faith, it’s seen as a universal symbol that holds meaning to everyone.

Wrapping it up: The lotus flower is a beautiful, powerful symbol. The many meanings and religious connections of the lotus make it an excellent choice for artwork, jewelry, clothing and as a decorative motif. While the symbolism of the lotus is rooted in several religions, the symbol has transcended this to become universal and can be sported by anyone, regardless of their religious affiliation. After all, no one can lay claim to the lotus, one of the most beautiful and symbolically rich flowers of the natural world.

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