Healing from ~ Depression !

Hello To All My Dear Readers ❤

Update: 25th of March 2019″ I am re- doing some of the articles as with time, I am completely recovered from (the low moods I was going through), and am completely free now. I have expanded my knowledge and gained more experiences in life. I have moved on tremendously from the past and am moving on still. Now I am able to see The World in Colour instead of a Grey Mist” The sun has come through the clouds 🙂

Sun 3
Life is an ever changing process and, “The only constant is, Change ~ Only when We Change and Grow ~ We will see ~ A World Full of Colour that We never Knew that existed” ❤

Sun 1
“Some of the old articles are my past”, and I want to write how I am, “Now” the present time. In short, one can say I am, “Re-writing my past again, in a positive way” Am I taking medication ? Yes basic dose of, preventive medication and going for regular check ups. I value my health very much, especially now as I know the difference between being unwell and healthy. “I have a healthy diet, proper exercises, rest and relaxation so that I am fit and healthy, both in body and mind”. This is how I can write about depression after being free from it 🙂

After all these years, looking back, I have now realized that this is very true. Although at the time when you are going through all the stress and trauma you are not aware. Its not possible to Let Go or Leave stressful life situations just like that, especially if there are other lives depending on you, so very often one is almost forced to tolerate and bear up whether you like it or not, until such time that you can make those changes. Sometimes when the load of stress becomes too much, it can be a very small thing that makes you unwell finally. It’s overloading the mind with two many issues. That everything keeps on collecting and collecting, and suddenly it is too much stress for the mind!!!

Stress 1a
The sadness stays longer than necessary so much so that  alters the chemical balance of your mind and body. This is something that many, “Do Not Know” ? Why ? “HOW CAN ANYONE SAY, IT’S ALL IN THE MIND!!!

When someone is physically ill then that person is ill. WHEN SOMEONE’S MIND IS OVER WORKED, STRESSED or SAD” it’s ONLY IN THE MIND or THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MENTAL ILLNESS” And then, “THEY PUT A LABEL!!! MENTALLY ILL that THEY “FORGET or KEEP IT ON FOR LIFE” !!! This is something that “Even some of the so called highly educated people think and say, and do” IT IS TIME TO CHANGE” This is why I am writing and doing this blog. Not to earn money, But to make people aware and enlighten the foolish !!! Sorry I do NOT MEAN OFFEND but these are  real things that I and so many are going through and I am writing on, “Behalf of whole of Humanity” ❤

Being anxious makes one go  into sad/depressed feelings and feel lethargic, sleepy, lack of appetite and no energy to do anything. It disrupts your day to day life and you cannot be or do things how you did before. All illnesses are psychosomatic ~ both mind and body. So when the mind gets affected, naturally when the health of the body also goes down. What PTSD is, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Remembering the past Trauma, “The Grief, Painful things one has gone through in life” And knowingly so many people in real life and even on the I net still stress and disturb people when all what they are trying to do is to HELP others. My Intentions are Purely to Help, to give Hope to Live, Not the other way around, so that they too can lift their heads up. Sometimes the world, the society can be a very cruel and a vicious place !!!
Why people get sad or upset is because they are unable to be who they are and do the things that they really like. Yes  we know we all have to abide by some form of discipline. We need to fit into family, work, society to some extent, as human beings we cannot just say and do things only how it suits us, but FREEDOM is Very Important Freedom To Be You!

A 62
Behaviour – “If other people do not understand our behaviour what can we do. We behave according to our personalities”.
Their request that, “We must only do what they understand, is an attempt to, ‘Dictate’ as mostly they ‘Resent’ our ‘Freedom’ and our ‘Courage’ to be ourselves.
We owe nobody an explanation or an accounting, as long as, ‘Our acts Do Not Hurt or Infringe them’.
How many lives have been ‘Ruined’ by this need to explain, which usually implies that the explanation be, ‘Understood’ i.e. Approved.
“Let Your Deeds be Judged”. And, ‘From Your Deeds ~ Your real Intentions’
But know that, “A Free Person Owes an Explanation Only to Himself/Herself” And to,’The Few’ “Who may have Justified Claim for Explanation” ~Erich Fromm ❤

But sometimes we are controlled too much. Instead of “adjusting” to fit in or live in harmony with another person or persons (it can be any life situation), sometimes we have to “completely change” from who we are. This is going completely against our natural way of life, our personality that we are born with. You can think of yourself wearing a dress or suit that is too tight, not to your color/style, or eating foods that is not to your taste. How do you feel ? Uncomfortable. This causes friction, stress. Which in turn makes you uneasy, unhappy, even angry having to do something you don’t like. Naturally. We are born to be who we are. For a short time yes, as sometimes we are compelled to do things we are not comfortable with, in certain situations. Long term ? No ? Why ? “BECAUSE ALL PEOPLE ARE BORN TO BE FREE, and ALWAYS HAS THE NEED TO FEEL FREE and at PEACE” Again another reason why depression happens, when our spirits get dimmed. When we are not “Allowed to be who we are, “ACCORDING TO EACH PERSON’S PERSONALITY” to be able to live the WAY THEY ARE BORN TO LIVE Freedom ~ In Healing! ❤

A 67a

This is where I always say it’s, “Guidance and Not control” Guidance is with loving kindness, and controlling is being selfish ~ where one is almost forced to fit in according to another person’s needs and desires. So in life doing things that is against your personality keeps on stressing you. Apparently there can be lack of understanding and love too as you don’t have to go through such difficult situations if there are people who really care, and see or know what is happening and help with the situation. This is of course, “Before depression sets in” Once it does of course it’s a different story !!!

Change 8a
Yes many think its easy to say get out of it. But it is a, “Very Strong Force” it takes over you. It’s like a black mist that descends upon you from nowhere. For me it was not 24/7, but from time to time it used to raise its head up. There were times for days on end, I just couldn’t keep my head up. Where ever I went I used to put my head down and sleep. My head felt very heavy. At one time I was about 30 kilos less than now, around 40 kilos, with hardly any appetite almost half of my weight. Now ? A bit over 😛 “This is why I have posted my face, to see what I am now as proof, Happy Healthy and Smiling. “I feel immensely Blessed” 🙂
Its a very big relief to have written this and finished. As then “I have now Let Gone” that chapter. Been thinking of writing this for quite some time. It is useful as its first hand knowledge and tips. You can see me as I am now and I am living proof of overcoming my sad moods and leading a completely normal life 🙂


Update 25th March 2019: I am still almost like this at 67 years of age 😛 Going strong and Healthy both Mind and Body. When I think of these times, its a wonder, a Miracle almost, how I got out of it. But I worked at it and still do. I become so overwhelmed with gratitude, and makes me to write. Those who have Not gone through a severe life crisis, cannot understand what it is to “BOUNCE BACK AND COME BACK TO YOUR NORMAL  STRONG SELF” This is why I have Dedicated myself for “THIS CAUSE OF ENLIGHTENING ~ ENCOURAGING, INSPIRING AND GIVING HOPE for EACH ONE OF YOU. “Pure service is Not expecting anything in return” Just by writing and giving my knowledge itself is a JOY. I cannot describe the satisfaction I get. Service is in me down the line from generations. This is, My knowledge from what I have gone through and what I am doing. My own venture, which I feel “I AM BLESSED TO HAVE GOT THE OPPORTUNITY to SERVE ALL PEOPLE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE” ❤

A 15a
You do need medication and counselling/therapy and what ever medical assistance to fight “ALL ILLNESS’S, MENTAL or PHYSICAL”. But a major part of it is in your hands too. You need to work at it. You need to be persistent. “IF I  HAVE DEFEATED AFTER ALMOST 15 LONG YEARS and WON”. “YOU CAN TOO” As “We are all part of, “The Universe and The Universe gives us the Strength” to be who we are. WE ALL NEED TO TRY AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE ❤

A 80a

A 150


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And what I have been doing is, “Taken the Therapists Voices with me and have been Moving forward Telling My Own Story in Helping Others to have “Faith, Hope and to Heal” and Lead a Life of Good Health, Happiness and Joy in this Post, and if You click on this Link in Green You can read this Post: Who I am Now & Why I am Writing!

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Many Blessings of Love, Light and Healing Energies from me ❤

Thanking for the posts taken from the I net ❤

May God’s Blessings Be Upon You ❤

Deepa 1Deepa Nilamani 🙂

9 thoughts on “Healing from ~ Depression !

  1. What a fabulous article on depression and the insight into your recovery. I’m so pleased you are feeling so much better now.. Thank you for taking so much time to explain how this felt and giving light for people with the hope that they really can recover! xxx


    1. Thank you so much for your appreciation. Its not much better but, “I have fully recovered from depression” I waited to expand on this topic until I became fully my normal self !!!
      I have worked as a ESL Volunteer Tutor in TAFE Queensland Brisbane for over four years during recovery, and now doing a Diploma in Psychology. Its a way of keeping me occupied and knowing exactly what happened to me as well to show the others I can still study, after being depressed and still having Bipolar hiding somewhere !!!
      All that has given me a motive to, “Work towards mental wellness” as I know those very important details that so many are Not aware that goes a long way in getting better. Now that my main family duties are over and I have dedicated the rest of my life for this cause 🙂
      By the way the meaning of my name itself is Light !!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow – how incredibly inspirational you are.. I’m sure your work will help give many people the hope they need that they can come out the other side of the tunnel.. How amazing – definitely it’s meant to be that your name means ‘light’.. Wonderful! x

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I have suffered most of my life. My two medications take the edge off and episodes are usually not as intense or frequent. But I still hit crippling lows now and then. For most people including myself we never “get better” but at best we learn how to manage it like other chronic mental and physical illnesses. But for many it can really immobilize them or make them have suicidal thoughts. You are very very lucky to feel so happy and liberated. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had for 15 long years. But now since two years I was declared of having come back to normal. Since then two years I have completely been free and now fully recovered. I do take two tablets as preventive medication as I have had Bipolar disorder too. I have not had any relapses for some time and it seems to have gone into remission. I am alert and I work towards doing everything possible to stay positive and fit. There are days which I get stressed and its anxiety that pops up now and again. We cannot avoid being stressed on things around us, so I try to safeguard myself and do the best to live positive and happy. I believe if one works toward it, one can over come enough to keep it under control and lead a normal and happy life 🙂


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