What is Depression ?


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I am re-doing some of the posts and this is exactly from 2 years ago and after. Looking back, “Its an amazing, the journey I have come so far, in healing myself and advancing my knowledge, working, studying” and going about in life as, “A Complete normal human being” Actually I am a much stronger and knowledgeable person now as a result of all the experiences I had experienced through the Journey. This is because I made a concentrated effort in becoming well, making use of all the help I could get and above all, myself working towards healing 🙂

Why I am writing like this is for those of you who are reading to have “Hope and Faith” and to “Believe in becoming well in time, with medication, counselling and/or psychotherapy”. It is possible to control and send the dragon back into its cave where it came from. In other words it goes into remission as it happens with so many other physical illnesses too. In becoming well, I have the opportunity in Enlightening/Guiding others who are in need of, I should say “Hope” to know that you also have that chance, the ability to, become well and lead a “Life of Happiness and Joy that you deserve” ❤

Hope 24a
This is an general explanation of Low moods/Depression: (Which one doesn’t have to have all the symptoms all the time) it is being sad for a long time, and also known as darkness because, if you are depressed, you do not see the full colours of life. Meaning your eye tend not to attract bright colours, things even the clothes you wear and choose, tend to be dull. Just like when its a rainy day and the sky is dark and all around you is dull. Also you may lack energy, feel lethargic, lack of appetite, sleep, at the same time drowsiness, and feeling of dullness in general towards living. “When you can please, “Look out for ~ Self-Help Books, Magazines, even papers for more information. You can also refer books and other sites on the I net, as well as Counselling, Medication, as all these Help to make you Understand and Learn Better ways to Become Positive and well” The moment you become “Positive and well”, its just like the sun has come out and you see the world in all its glory 🙂

Sun 1
You become energized and full of enthusiasm to get on with life. Which I am now. “Deepa” my name given according to my birth time means, “Light” Light has two meanings ~ Being “Positive and Bright”, as well as, “Enlightening in knowledge”. So somehow years ago, according to my birth time this was the suitable name which was given by “My Grandfather. It’s said we are born with a plan. So was I born for exactly this purpose ? In that case, is it why I went through all these challenges and tests to overcome, for a purpose ? Time will give the answers…….. ? And it has 🙂

A 39

Time has given the answers as, “Since December 2013 I was cleared from counselling, being said that I had come back to normal by my psychiatrist”. A word I never expected to have heard in my entire life. Suddenly the clouds had moved away, and out came the sun. The world opened up to me “Full of Positivity and Colour” 🙂

Sun 3
February 2016: I am keeping in Very Good Health and I have begun to receive this Healing energies to my hands. I have gained something that money cannot buy nor can anyone take it away from me. It is something I have earned, “Through sheer hard work, Sacrifices, Sharing and Giving, Loving Kindness” and above all being “Truthful and Honest” ~ “The Powers, The Gifts, The Energies”, are not something that one can achieve easily. I had to take the full journey: cross all rivers, climb all mountains, do what ever to answer, “My Calling” to fall in line with, “The Universal Energy” which is also called “Healing or Pranic energy”. This is our life force energy which is also called, “Prana” in Sanskrit, “chi” in China and “ki” in Japan. As we know, energy can travel so, “Prayer energy which also can be called Healing Energy” can travel far and wide to distant places too ❤

Healing 3a
To be able to know who I am, I have posted My Full name in Who I am & Why I am Writing! and to be seen from where, “I have acquired “The Gift of Healing Hands” I have posted this link of, “Who My Grandfather is and My Great Grand father is : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G._P._Wickramarachchi ❤
25th August 2019: “Not only have I acquired ~ “The Gift of Healing Hands”~ but also “Taking The Therapist’s Voice forward*** in Who am I Now & Why am I Writing!

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While updating on the 18th August 2019 at 12.42 just now I received Energy in to my Left Hand for a brief moment when I posted this picture*** ❤

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It’s strange how life has taken a turn as what I wanted to do was Botany, as I loved plants. I did not want to do medicine or to be a doctor, but now I have and still am studying and reading on psychology, health and various other topics on life and even writing simple poetry as well. We can all study and Learn all through out our lives. We are all born for some specific purpose and it seems that “This is my Purpose, my Mission”. Aren’t I glad that I have got such a mission in my hands 🙂

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People go through hard times in their lives due to many different reasons. Being physically ill, problems in jobs, professions, lack of money and/or family/children problems. And sometimes all or many of these come together. People looking from outside, do not see what is going in others personal lives, and can discourage and hurt others with no reason. Someone who is going through a very hard/bad time, might completely go off track, by some insensitive and ignorant people’s attitude and, pushing them further into sadness and ill health. Feeling desperate and not knowing what to do they might even think of doing things “Not Positive or Healthy for them”. So do think before you say or do anything harsh without knowing what others are going through. “These are the times that the human mind cannot take it and it becomes unwell”. So always be aware, just because someone is well dressed and smiling there can be lot going on unseen within !!!Heal 10
The word that people use saying broken, is that your mind becomes unwell just like the body. The soul, your spirit can be dampened, and it becomes too much for the mind and it begins to give up. Then the body also goes down with it, as the mind is also in the physical self, in short in the head somewhere. Its not only people who stresses or make you unwell, mother nature also does that with her floods, volcanoes and many other tricks up her sleeves, and some can go on for a long time than you want to. This is why I am writing that it is possible for most of you to bring it down, keep it under control, if not fully to some extent, enough to lead a stress free life. If after 15 long years I overcome my sad moods. So can you. When you have too many issues your head is over working trying to find solutions. Its mostly stress that you get headaches and most of the other illnesses. Its like a chess game inside your head, trying to figure out the best ways to overcome the problems and solve the difficult situations. You are able to organize and find better ways to do things and learn how to manage the situations better 🙂

Stress 1a
Please do not look down upon people who have mental issues. Being mentally ill is Not an unnatural thing. Through stress, untold grief, sadness which often is not their fault many become confused and unwell. This labeling and looking down upon people is wrong. All people have a right to lead a life of peace and happiness. “It is this stigma that is preventing a lot of people going for help to the doctor that is making them more ill. Mental illnesses are supposed to be rising at an alarming rate. According to WHO by 2030 Depression will be the biggest cause of health burden in the world. I am sure glad I am on the, RIGHT SIDE OF LIFE, ENCOURAGING and SUPPORTING PEOPLE TO LIVE HEALTHY and HAPPY 🙂 ❤ 🙂

Be Brave and seek out help. Don’t let anything spoil your life. You have the right to lead a good life ❤

Counsel 1a
Once you open up, you help yourself to feel good to love and care for yourself. As none of us are born perfect. Sometimes its not seen why somethings happened to us. No one makes a mistake or takes a wrong turn if they know that it will be a disaster. It is reaching out to the closest thing, or a person, “As your fist instinct is to live well as this is how we are born” You are born to live well and live to tell your story to others to lift them up too 🙂

zz 13

Its not only our problems and struggles, our successes and winnings also can be turned into stories to help others. “I am touching on the good side too” As so many harp on the bad side and do not see the good they have. This is a result of my being positive. Now I can look from both sides of life 🙂

Heal 3a
It is said that those who have gone through any physical or mental stress themselves can understand another’s pain or hardships better. Someone who never had a headache would find it hard to understand another’s pain in the head. But one doesn’t have to undergo to understand another’s feelings. As all human beings have feelings, and are intelligent and have a brain to think and analyse what is right and wrong. We don’t go through all the experiences ourselves in one life. How I became well is from a combination of others experiences, my knowledge from very young days. Even from books, magazines and other sources I have come across!

Heal 4a

Each and everyone goes through some kind of experience, at some stage of their lives. Sometimes back when I posted this in my group, someone commented this is because, they feel the pinch. Well I am a survivor. I did fight to win over low moods. We all have to, sort of fight over lot of things to achieve what we want in life. I feel quite good that in spite of being named the light, I experienced some hard times managed to come out Positive and became what I am today. How I became well is from a combination of others experiences, my knowledge from very young days. Even from books, magazines and other sources I come across. Back to myself and even with, “More Experience and Knowledge to Guide Others to Lead a Better Life of Good Health and Happiness” 🙂

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All About Writing !

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Its three months since I started this blog, my writing style has improved. I am gathering more information and expanding my knowledge. So this article is all about, “How I started to write”. After I overcame the low moods, I have been impatient to move on to do more things. I could not really think of something to do, to my satisfaction and was getting restless. Do not get confused with the word restlessness here, with frustration 🙂

ZZZ 1aa
“In psychology, frustration is a common emotional response to opposition”. Related to anger and disappointment, where as restlessness that I am talking about here is wanting to do more, to move on, being impatient, which makes your mind work to its fullest to look for answers. Being restless does bring about good results !

ZZZ 13a
I had been writing on my Face Book pages and slowly improving but that was not enough for me. I wanted to do more. Wanting to do more is how I happened to start this blog. It seems that I had been developing myself gradually over the years, but was not aware of it until I did get down to write here. And now, I have found that I love to write and writing is my passion. Its very satisfying and enjoyable. “For everyone there is something unique one can do, and for me I finally found that writing is my calling”. A Calling is what you really want to do that makes you feel fulfilled and happy 🙂

ZZZ 2a
What each of us write is unique to each other. As no two people have the same experiences the knowledge nor does their minds work the same way. In short each one has their own personality and how they write is different to each other !

A 22a
The use of words also is very important. As there are many whose first language is not English, or what ever the language you write in. So when you use very advanced words, the flow of the reading gets disturbed. As the mind stops, to understand, to think. Then there is a break, a disturbance. The words has to be written in such a way that one follows the next just like flowing of a natural spring. Even like music harmonious, the words blending to each other, pleasant to the eye and even to the ears if read aloud 🙂

A 26
I have found out, the more you write the more you get better at it, just like most other things in life. This is also the advice given by, other writers like, “Jane Austen”. So if you are keen to write, keep on writing 🙂

A 22
Before writing its very important that you read a lot. As you need to be very fluent in the language you write. All these words that flow comes from our memory bank. In my case, from far as I can remember, my parents had read to me. I have been surrounded by books, so it is now. Books are my passion and reading is one of two main hobbies. Even if I go to the shops, my first stop is the book shop. This has continued from my childhood to past my mid years now. So much so when I write I almost hear words being prompted to me, almost as someone is saying them from inside. I hear some of the words, as if someone is dictating while I write as even I don’t know that I knew some of the words that I hear. Like now I am just writing non stop, and very often I hardly have the need even to edit, other than a small typing mistake as I am typing very fast. Writing is a part of me, and I am a part of writing !!!

AAA 23a
Why we write. Its because we have so much inside that we can share with others. Each person does their own way, how they know, what their talents are. Some write, some paint, some are musicians and each one paints the world with their own colours and make the world beautiful and better place to live in 🙂

ZZZ 7a
Writing helps to know yourself better. To find out who you are, what makes you happy or unhappy. What your strengths and weaknesses are. Through this you clarify your thoughts and feelings. Writing or journaling is the best way to organize the inside of your minds. As you write daily your thoughts your feelings, you find out things that even you didn’t know about yourselves. And then you know how to rectify/sort out them. So writing helps to reduce stress and is very therapeutic in relaxing and healing yourself 🙂

tightrope businessman
Writing helps the writer as well as many others, who read their experiences, stories and get to know their knowledge. As in one life time we cannot have all the experiences in all the fields. Even what I write naturally is a combination of endless books I have read, others experiences and knowledge gathered over many years 🙂

ZZZ 9a
As always in life, unless we try we don’t know if something works or not. Even if we do not succeed at the first attempt or the second, we need to keep on trying. For some they know from the very beginning as they are born talented. Some find out in their later years. For some like me I had to finish my duties in life before I found out what exactly I was meant to do. And as my mind was not free I was unable to really know my true calling. So this is why, you need to be at peace so that hear from within the answers you are looking for. For each of us its a different calling, but the main thing is to keep on trying. As its never too late for anything as long as we are alive 🙂

AAA 20
Since I started to write, I have found out that in the past, the whole time I had been working and  planning things inside my head. Quite a few have been telling me to write, but didn’t really get down seriously into it. And then one day, I do happen to start, Bang. And now I have found why I have always been thinking and planning inside my head. The reason my need was to put out what was working within and the best way was to, put my thoughts into words in writing 🙂

I hope you found this article interesting, and what I have written will be useful to some of you to find out your passion, and your calling too. I have found that this is a wonderful way to share what I know and keep myself occupied too. What about thinking of starting to write a bit Yourself. You never know where you will end up, even writing a Book may be, and I might be the Reader then 😛 “Happy Reading and Writing” ❤ 🙂 ❤

A 98
I hope you have enjoyed what I have written. Any questions or comments are most welcome. Those of you who want to read another article about writing, can check up my article on,
Writer’s Block ? What about thinking of starting to write a bit Yourself. You never know where you will end up, even writing a Book may be, and I might be the Reader then 😛 “Happy Reading and Writing” and Thank you all for reading 🙂

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14th April 2019 Update: I keeping in Very Good Health and also The Good News is “I have also been able to, “Develop Healing Energy in to My Hands” since “Beginning of 2016” ~ which I have also added as an update in: Who I am & Why I am Writing!

28th August 2019: This is who I am now. Taken the Therapists Voices with me and have been Moving forward Telling My Own Story in Helping Others to have “Faith, Hope and to Heal” and Lead a Life of Good Health, Happiness and Joy: Who I am Now & Why I am Writing!

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